Tuesday , October 4 2022

Halsey reveals the intense workout she used to prepare for Victor Victoria's secret show


The singer said she was getting ready for the Halloween that helped her take shape.

Halsey appeared at Victoria's Secret Show on Thursday, presenting a very bold body similar to that of the models that promoted the scene. In an interview with SiriusXM, the singer offered some insight into the training she made for the show.

"I certainly did a lot of sit-ups," Halsey said during the interview, as he said Life in Hollywood.

It seems that the exercises helped. The belly of the singer "Bad At Love" seemed to be flat at the top of the white crop she wore on the show. Combine the top with a winged skirt and accessories with sparkling white fake eyebrows.

During the interview, Halsey implied that preparing for Halloween helped her prepare for the Victoria Secret Fashion Show.

"I did not know if you saw my Halloween costume, I had to move on."

For Halloween, Halsey dressed as Poison Ivy. She left little in imagination in a leafy bikini, completing her appearance with vines around her legs and a pair of green gloves. She also wore a red wig to portray one of DC Comics's most sultriest villains.

The singer is not alien to the appearance of the skin – on the scene or on her Instagram account. Prior to Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, she published a photo of herself, wearing black underwear, inflating the stretched body she had earned from these sit-ups mentioned in the SiriusXM interview.

"He worked so hard on this! # Vsfashionshow thank you guys!" He wrote.

Halsey's romantic life has recently been released as rapper G-Eazy broke out for the second time this past month.

As Inquisitr as mentioned earlier, Halsey and G-Eazy were mutually obliterated in Instagram – these days can be used as reliable proof that a relationship has decomposed. The couple had previously collapsed in July.

MI! Online reported that it seems that the revived relationship vanished because G-Eazy – the real name Gerald Earl Gillum – appeared to flirt with the girls after his performance at L.A. Karma's International Party. Halsey held in Tokyo at that time.

Halki seemed to report the dissolution in a tweet that was posted last week.

"We love to say that women are" crazy "rather than dealing with the thing that puts them in a position to lose their temper," he wrote.

The last tweeted a covert message about learning not to be a "freak control".

"I have lived a long time in absolute," she wrote. "A freak control that must know the outcome of all, I hope to finally learn how to lean into his" might "and let life take the wheel, which is my desire for myself.

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