Wednesday , May 31 2023

Janet Jackson highlights women with empowering speech at MMA EMA


Singer Janet Jackson won the world icon award on Sunday at the European MTV Music Awards at the Bilbao exhibition center in Spain. She gave an incredibly changing speech of acceptance, in which she expressed her gratitude for the prize and all she represented and spoke on behalf of women who "have no voice" reported MI! News.

Female artists won the grand prize in the show, including multiple victories for Camila Cabello and Nicki Minaj. Cabello won the best song, the best video, the best American act and the best artist, while Minaj won the best hip-hop and best appearance.

The ceremony also featured performances by rapper Minaj and the British pop band Little Mix. Jackson has celebrated his three-song victory, accompanied by drummers, portable firearms, pyrotechnic explosions, and dozens of dancers singing "Made for Now", "All for You" and "Rhythm Nation."

Popstar started her speech as the audience was wounded and glad.

"I love you so much, guys, I accept this award with deep gratitude, the name of a picture is a huge honor, but one that comes with enormous responsibility, tonight I feel animated to talk about women whose voices have stifled. one of these women. "

Jackson said she was standing with her "sisters," "women who have been spoiled, both literally and emotionally," and called on them to defend justice. She went on to say that her hope for the world was that it would continue to change and that social progress would move towards the elimination of inequality.

"Women will hear our voices, they will be heard when we talk about justice, talk about the spirit, talk about a spirit that crosses all borders, recognizes the dignity of all people, and confirms the beauty of all religions, talk about acts of true charity , small and big, talk about a beautiful love, because it is love that will heal our wounds, love that will give us the power to come to the help of one and the other, so let us lift our voices. leave Mrs God's displeasing love to lead the way With all my heart I thank you, my God, thank you all my followers I love so much. "

Other great winners of the night were Dua Lipa with the best pop act, Cardi B with the best new artist and Shawn Mendes with the best live act.

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