Tuesday , May 30 2023

The car crashes into the house in Seaford


The sound of the collapse to follow was so loud that he thought he had come through the fence, but only after the smoke began to fill his house, he realized that he was entering his home.

"I heard he reached the fence, and then heard that he had reached the house and was like" God, "he said.

"It was as loud as the earthquake was loud, the whole house trembling."

They allegedly claimed to drive the vehicle immobile when it lost control of Wells Road and hit the house on Sunday at 1.30.

The two men in the car allegedly tried to escape, but the neighbors were treated.

Mrs Burgess said she was hysterical on the line to triple zero "only from shock".

The assessor has since examined the house and told Mrs Burgess that she had returned home after cleaning and after installing the beams.

"Now that we're all safe, I'm very annoyed," he told Fairfax Media.

"You still have to work, have to pay the bills and do the things, and now I do not have a couch to sit or watch a TV. This is the exact place I sit on the couch, that's my exact place, if it was three hours before.

A 25-year-old man who was allegedly the car driver handled minor injuries on the spot. He returned a blood alcohol value of 0.130 percent.

The Seaford man is expected to be summoned for Italian crimes.

The car's character, the 22-year-old Noble Park man, assists the police with the tests.

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