Monday , March 20 2023

The hidden trend of the stand-alone camera: Who's on board?


This week we are saying that LG is also at its disposal for one of the most exciting trends in smartphones for the year 2019. At least, it seems so. The trend was revealed by Samsung earlier this year – a series of pictures during internal corporate events and scheduling sessions for the future of their smartphone business. What we are talking about here is the hidden trend of the camera, making it possible to cover the entire front of a smartphone with screen without leaving room for a slot full of sensors and camera lenses.

The evidence today comes from a patent or two from LG. The folks at Let's Go Digital drove them away. What we are looking at here is a set of plans for possible LG smartphones. These designs show a futuristic LG smartphone series with semi-curved edges and rounded corners. These devices have a facade that is ready to be hidden inside the device display.

The screen we see here may have a hidden camera array or it can only be translucent. According to patents, LG seeks to deliver a system whereby the camera array can be completely "hidden" without worrying about display performance in this area.

The trend continues! The similar Samsung patents showed a camera on the screen at one point. They also talked later in the year about the full screening of the full hidden camera system to devices by the end of 2019.

This would be much more interesting to end users than the current slider phone return to China. This trend makes moving material and less user-friendly stability. So we are not all entirely for this, from a daily DIY user perspective.

Then there is the Samsung solution in the Galaxy S10 arena. According to the events that occurred earlier this year, Samsung's disappeared camera could come earlier than you would expect. Samsung may already have this screen technology available at this time.

Also, recently, we were moving from Samsung to the Galaxy S10, which would reduce the fronttside camera mask to zero. To do this, Samsung will add a screen to the rear of the device to allow the very best rear camera series to do the job of what would otherwise be called a selfie camera. This will solve the problems of all, is not it?

Apart from the contrary – it would make things harder, once again. If, again, we look at this situation from a person-to-person perspective. Does a new radical solution really worth the effort if it makes the smartphone fatal with just one drop on a particular street?

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