Tuesday , May 30 2023

20-year-old crossing target at the Viennese police "DiePresse.com


During a neighborhood conflict in Vienna's favorites, a 20-year-old obviously moves away completely. The man was aimed at a stretched arrow to the police and he himself was fortified in his apartment. He then took a "home visit" that Wega paid and was arrested.

For about two weeks, a conflict between the two families that feed on Davidgasse. On Tuesday afternoon, the 20-year-old destroyed the door of the neighboring apartment, so he would have to be questioned by the police. When the officers hit the clock at 1:20 pm, the German opened only after a while and immediately dropped his elbow to the police officers, who in turn brought the service weapons to bear.

As the young man blocked himself in the apartment, Wega's specialists were notified, who opened the door and after the throw of the so-called Irritationswurfkörper the 20-year-olds were shocked. He asked for it while continuing to make passive resistance but did not use the crossbow. No one was injured during the business.


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