Friday , February 3 2023

A strong cut in AMS money – the chancellor wants to continue in this way – is politics


Alexander Schallenberg has been Austria’s new federal chancellor for nearly a week. How difficult is it to take a short course on unemployment?

The past few days have been even more confusing for Austria. The new conversation scandals have resulted in another change in the Federal Chancellor. Former Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has had to “step aside” over allegations against him to save the turquoise-green coalition in a conversation scandal.

Alexander Schallenberg has now taken his place. On Monday, the new Chancellor of Austria was officially appointed by Federal President Alexander Van der Bellen. Neo-Chancellor’s week was correspondingly stressful. He made interviews, meetings, and even his first foreign trip to Brussels this week. Chancellor Schalli found time for the “Today” interview.

Tightening unemployment rules

During the interview, Neo-Chancellor explained how to proceed, which is especially important for him. One of the most important issues was the situation in the Balkans. He preferred to include all the Balkan countries in the EU. More here >>

Another problem is unemployment. As for the recent tightening of unemployment rules, Schallenberg is completely on the side of former Chancellor Kurz. In other words: he would like to continue a tough course against the unemployed.

Decrease in ambulance

When asked if he wanted to reduce the ambulance unemployment benefit to 92 percent, he made a clear point:

“Yes, the course will continue anyway. I think that those who have been excluded from the dispute in the coalition should be implemented.”

According to the Labor Chamber, this, in turn, will result in huge losses for 200,000 homes. However, this does not change the fact that the tightening of unemployment rules is part of a government program aimed at continuing the individual projects that have already begun.

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