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Börse Express – ROUNDUP / WSJ: Amazon wants to open two more seats


amazon he wants it
The newspaper report opens two more seats – instead of one.
The work that arises and the necessary office space would be
shared in the new plan between the two sites, he wrote
citing the Wall Street Journal on Monday (local time)
a specific source. This will instead of 50,000 jobs in one
City every 25 000 in two emerges. An appropriate decision
could like this week and be announced. amazon
originally did not comment.

The reason for the decision to open two more seats is
According to the report, the problem is enough
to find specialized technical staff. In addition, there are concerns
that the planned expansion, with a strong inflow
The workforce is likely to be a single location and
could crash its infrastructure. Amazon had in September
Announced in 2017, except Seattle's previous headquarters
(Washington State), a second headquarters in North America
Open it.

As a result, 238 applications were transferred to the US Internet giant
a. Among these were some very creative campaigns – out
Tucson in Arizona received a huge Amazon boss Jeff Bezos
Cactus, New York left the Empire State Building on "Amazon Orange"
and suburb Atlanta Stonecrest was offered to be a part of it
Rename the city to "Amazon city." In January, on
Group the 20 most promising candidates, including
it was for the metropolises New York, Chicago, Los Angeles and London

The "Wall Street Journal" according to the selection process is now
very advanced. As a result, Crystal City has a good chance
North of the state of Virginia, conveniently located nearby
the Washington DC Washington DC points, as well as Texas Dallas
and the metropolis of the East Coast of New York. Amazon promises together
jobs created directly, many more
additional workforce and high investment. In turn, wave
group tax deductions for sites that are

While politicians want to be treated with much publicity
Let's celebrate job seekers, experts see practice skeptical.
Often, investments and jobs are taxpayers' money
expensive bought, he also fulfilled the promises of the companies
not always. An alliance of action, the representative of the 21st
Therefore, it has already appealed to Bezos, the
Make the selection process as transparent as possible.

There are also reservations about the urban changes that are taking place
often associated with the arrival of large companies. The same can be the case
Flood of high tech tenant technology rents and
The cost of living for the rest of the population in the amount
car. This phenomenon is about in the California Bay Area with
the San Francisco diocese near the Silicon Valley IT Tower
but also in the unique center of Seattle, Amazon, so far
and other areas. / hbr / DP / stk

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