Thursday , June 8 2023

Citizens neutralize Chancellor's recession at Bregenz "


An explosion of indignation welcomed Federal Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) on Thursday at a discussion event in Bregenz. In view of two controversial deportation cases in Vorarlberg, many citizens have called for short asylum responses. The Chancellor stressed his confidence in the rule of law.

It soon arrived with a slight delay in the citizens' dialogue on the future of the EU at Bregenz Landhaus at the start of the afternoon EU Subsidiarity Conference. When he wanted to leave shortly after his statement for his next appointment, many visitors with indignation – and demanded from the Chancellor dialogue. "We prefer to show off on the street if you do not want to talk here," one of the Kurz listeners called.

In short: Asylum laws are dated by the Chancellery

The Chancellor replied to some of the questions asked in the room. He referred to the Austrian constitutional state and the independence of the judiciary. Neither politicians nor demonstrators will take decisions on asylum but asylum judges. "It is not often easy to decide on asylum, is someone Christian, is someone gay? I do not know how to do it, the judge on asylum is a very difficult job," said Kurz. Even in the case of the humanitarian right of residence, the judges are responsible for the decision. Deportations are always the last solution.

He knows and respects Vorarlberg's desire to have a say in the humanitarian right of residence, but Kurz said most of the other federal states are not seeking to do so. Kurz also pointed out that the countries say that 2014 had been abolished before the ÖVP-FPÖ government began in order to speed up asylum procedures. Also, the applicable asylum laws came before his chancellery. "Keep it in mind," said Kurz, before he was saddened by the personal and other members of the federal government.

When the chancellor wanted to leave the country house after his answers with a long delay, he was finally strong and emotional again in the audience. After Kurz had four-eye talks with some of the speakers, he eventually started for his next appointment.


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