Friday , September 30 2022

Crowdfunding reaches $ 200 million


of Andreas Bertic
The online space game Cloud Imperium Games "Star Citizen" has garnered more than $ 200 million through crowdfunding. This led Chris Roberts to write a thank you letter to the community, which even says the work is now closer to integration than at the beginning of development.

The Cloud Imperium Games development studio is pleased: Star Citizen crowdfunding has exceeded $ 200 million.

Star Citizen is approaching the end of development

In a thank-you letter to the community, Chris Roberts explained how proud he is from the fans who make the game strong. He does not just want to reduce the game to the money he has managed to achieve so far. It shows how Star Citizen has been deployed by the Kickstarter campaign for about six years and how the game is being imagined too late.

He says Star Citizen's development is now closer to the end from the start, which could mean we could see the release of the game in less than six years.

The announcement that Star Citizen could now crowdfund over $ 200 million attracted Reddit but also disgruntled players. It came to the so-called "brigade", in which the thread in crowdfunding's result was massively "voted". Star Citizen will remain a controversial game.

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