Tuesday , May 30 2023

Final Fantasy XIII looks gorgeous in 4K on Xbox One X.


The Final Fantasy XIII trilogy is now available as part of the Xbox One compatibility program.

Supported with 4K resolution Xbox One X and that looks great. The simulation of works Microsoft, in the original Xbox 360Game, can really let go! In the true sense, this is a remasteredBut other developers are asking for a lot of money.

Here's a screenshot (through Reddit), which shows you the difference.

Left: Xbox One X – Right: Xbox 360

Final Fantasy XIII came on the market in 2010 and was then considered one of the "most beautiful games" for it Xbox 360,

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Final Fantasy XIIIThe trilogy is about it Xbox One and Xbox One X available as a backward-compatible version. Final Fantasy remains (and is) a series of games that are particularly strong on PlayStation platforms. The question is therefore only: Either all 5 Final Fantasy gamers on the Xbox One X find it.

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