Thursday , June 30 2022

Ice Hockey: Salzburg with a draw in the first round CHL 16 in Rouen


Rouen (APA) – In the first round of the Champions League Hockey League (CHL) knockout, Red Bull Salzburg missed the opportunity to reach the eighth round for the first time. Salzburg reached the French champion Rouen Dragons 3: 3 on Tuesday. The second leg at Volksgarten will be on November 20th.

Salzburg began dynamically in Normandy, but it was in the first phase of printing but empty. At the 14th minute, Martin Stajnoch's defense defensive favored the ever-improving French 1-0. But shortly afterwards, the bulls hit back in 43 seconds by Peter Hochkofler (15th) and Christopher Vandevelde (16th).

However, a goal about one and a half minutes before and after the first third break made the pitch of the game towards the kite flying again. In the further course of the middle division, Salzburg survived a bad phase without any alterations, but later had bad luck with a pole and a latte shot. In the last minute of the third Stajnoch, then 3: 3. In the last section both teams acted with much less risk. Despite the odds on both sides, it was a performance-based draw.

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