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Mac Miller did not suicide – stars


Perhaps the horror of Ariana Grande is finally over: Rapper Mac Miller died of overdose on November 7, 2018 at just 26 years of age.

Just a few weeks ago, Ariana Grande had collapsed with him, rushing into a relationship with Pete Davidson and after a moment of shock, even taking with him.

For many fans it was clear: Mac has made life out of sadness, Ariana led him to his death. Hashtag #aranakilledmac made the rounds. Ariana wanted death in her neck in her forum. She only wrote a photo of her ex.

On Monday, the Police Pathologist published his report, which was given to TMZ. Now the last doubt is eliminated. Although Mac Miller died of overdose, he did not want to commit suicide. None of the substances he delivered would be deadly. Only as a cocktail was the rapper's motorcycle fate.

These drugs cost Mac's life

An empty bottle of alcohol was found next to the body in the night box. Scattered throughout the house were quite a few prescription drugs that were assured:

– Xanax (Against Panic Anxiety and Disorder, makes you dependent),

– Oxydodone (strong opioid, analgesic, power dependent),

– hydrocodone (opioid, morphine derivative, substance-dependent),

Adderall (for the treatment of hyperactivity disorder due to lack of attention)

The police found in Mac's right pocket a $ 20 blocked account and in his home studio an iPad with a "linear white powdery shape". In addition, two baggies were secured with white powder.

Fentanyl killed the Prince, Firefox, and Michael Miller

In his blood, a lethal mixture of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol, and a few other things, was found. Fentanyl is the synthetic opioid that has even killed Michael Jackson and the Prince.

The rapper himself kneel in prayer on his bed, touching his head on his thigh. He had a friction on his nose and the blood came out of his nostrils.

When his assistant phoned the ambulance, he described the Mac as already "maroon blue". He was dead for hours. The people he was celebrating before leaving were blurry traces, probably wiping off the drugs and leaving the rapper without help.

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