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Mühlviertel draws an ace from the sleeve


Mühlviertel draws an ace from the sleeve

LOW Waldkirchen. UJZ judoka can rely on Allerstorfer for the first time this year in the Final Four of the Bundesliga

Mühlviertel draws an ace from the sleeve

Daniel Allerstorfer goes with UJZ Mühlviertel on Saturday as an outsider in the semi-final against Galaxy. Image: Fidler

UJZ Mühlviertel goes on as an outsider on Saturday (since the 13th clock) taking place in the Judo Bundesliga final square in Gudden. The champion of the record finished the fourth phase, this being the semifinals with the Vienna Galaxy Tigers, the dominant team of recent years awaits, Mühlviertler was also inferior to the finals of the previous year. "They are dear ones," says coach Martin Schlögl, who joined the Mühlviertel this year at the footsteps of Pepi Reiter.

In the main round the meeting with 10: 4 had gone to Viennese. At that time, however, Mühlviertler had to live without the figure of Daniel Allerstorfer – which will be different on Saturday in Gmunden. He was 25 years old from St. Peter am Wimberg in the preseason still U17's most successful fighter Bundesliga has this year due to herniated disc on the throat and the World Tour missions still denied a game for his team. "He talks about our team that we were qualified without our main fighter, although not for the Final Four," says Schlögl, who this week at the Obertraun instructor lesson at the school's bench. "That Danny is with us now is like getting a new signature."

Starter ban on The Hague

The fact that the Allerstorfer is available in Gmunden has been for a long time. Initially, the Grand Prix was held simultaneously in The Hague. After a back and forth, however, the Austrian association eventually gave a start-up ban on the event in the Netherlands. "This decision was made with the decision," says Allerstorfer, who can make friends with him, "because there are still plenty of opportunities to earn points for the title of the Olympic Games."

Whether the Allerstorfer ass against the Galaxy stands out is uncertain, but the Viennese have in their class the Czech Olympic champion Luca Krapalek.

In the second semifinal between Flachgau and Wimpassing, Salzburg surprised the recent name of Ludwig Paischer, who retired two years ago. A bluff, a trusted suspect.

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