Monday , May 29 2023

Shock price! Skiing will be even more expensive this year


"Skiing is getting more and more expensive." This statement, which has been in force for years, is valid for the coming winter. According to Union Consumer Information Surveys (VKI), daily ticket prices are on average 2.8%. Six-day tickets are still 3.4% more expensive. And this at an average rate of increase of 2.1 percent last.

Like every year, the VKI again reviewed ticket prices in more than 100 local ski resorts and ten in Switzerland, Bavaria and southern Tyrol. The daily ticket for an adult in Austria increased by 3 euros (Glungezer / Tulfes), only in a ski resort, even in the cheapest, have remained unchanged (Raggal / Great Walsertal).

Kitzbühel more expensive

The most expensive ski resort in Austria is again Kitzbühel this year with its 215 km slopes, where a daily ticket costs 57 euros. This is about 2 euros more than a year ago. In the second place is Saalbach-Fieberbrunn (270 km), which with 55 Euro (+2 Euro) displaced not only Arlberg (305 km) and Ischgl (172 km), but also Sölden (142 km .) Top positions. In these ski areas, the day goes for an adult to reach € 54.50, an increase of € 1.50 each.

In a total of 15 ski resorts, adult skiers have to pay more than 50 euros for a day ticket. For the most expensive adult 6 day ticket, € 298.50 must be berappt, in Ischgl. In Sölden or Obergurgl / Hochgurgl there are 293,50 euros.

Offers in Vorarlberg

The Raggal in Vorarlberg (7km) It was not only the cheapest ski resort, but it was also the only one of the areas under consideration, which did not increase the price compared with the previous year. A daily ticket costs 22 euros. Skiing for 6 days in Raggal, but then comes with 233 euros, but again expensive. From a three day ticket, you will need to buy the so-called 3-valley ski pass, which is valid in 31 Vorarlberg ski areas. So if you want to drive the 6 days only to Raggal, it comes a lot cheaper if you buy a ticket daily every day so the VKI.

Also in Wenigzell (2km) The ticket costs only EUR 22.50, the six-day ticket EUR 113.40. If you are looking for a bit more variety, for example, you can map the 14 km of Königsberg-Hollenstein / Ybbs by 26 euros a day or you can bring Flattnitz for 29.50 euros (11 km).

Look abroad

A glance at the border shows that in Switzerland the highest prices in Austria continue to exceed clearly. In St. Moritz, Davos, Lenzerheide and Flims-Laax-Fallera, the day costs between 61 and 74 euros.

It seems you are particularly creative at St. Moritz. The Swiss luxury ski resort introduced this year's so-called "snow deal". There are no more stable prices, but pricing comes from demand on the day of skiing: the more you go, the more expensive it is. Early Birds will also receive "discounts" of up to 30% if they buy their tickets at least 15 days before the day of skiing. Austria's top ski resorts will take on bonds for the future, VKI suspects.

In South Tyrol the prices are similar to those in Austria. In the most expensive ski resort, the Plan de Corones, the daily ticket of 57 euros is just as expensive as the Kitzbühel. However, it is considerably smaller with 119 km of track. Generally, according to VKI, you sometimes get more mileage tracks for your money than in South Tyrol.

Due to their size, the Bavarian ski resorts can only be compared with the local ones to a limited extent. At 40 km, the Garmisch-Classic and Balderschwang are the largest, not associated with shadows in the Austrian ski resorts. The Balderschwang in Oberallgäu can offer a very good price-performance ratio: The ticket costs only 33 euros, for 166 days it is 166 euros. In Garmis you pay € 44.50 for a day of skiing. There are also a large number of smaller ski areas. "The trend of the Austrian elevator companies – increasingly bigger and bigger – seems to be rather alien to Bavarians, probably due to topographical constraints," so the VKI.

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