Monday , March 20 2023

The Earth struck: Eurofighter sank in Upper Austria – Upper Austria


It was about 10:30 am when the container office in Vienna was captured at a company in Pasching near Leeds. "We thought of an earthquake," said a testimony of "Today".

Flight with ultrasonic means that the air velocity is greater than the speed of the sound. This occurs at approximately 1,200 kilometers per hour and is referred to as "Mach 1". If a Eurofighter approaches this speed, the waves will appear on different parts of the aircraft. As a result, aerodynamic strength is greatly increased until this threshold, which is supposedly called "sound barrier", is overcome. The sound burst is the sound effect of this impact wave. In some cases, this can happen on the spot.

The fire department and the police have received alarming calls. Some were afraid of an industrial accident.

What really was behind this: Two Europeans traveled to Greater Linz, trained in the ultrasonic series.

In ultrasonic flight, "G forces" are trained. "These are those forces that act on the human body during the flight due to a sudden change in speed or direction, which may rise to Eurofighter's" 9 G "This is nine times your own body weight, which affects the pilot, "explains Martin Baierer of the Ministry of Defense.

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