Saturday , April 1 2023

The last flight of a traditional Alitalia airline


Today marks the end of a chapter in the history of Italian aviation: in the evening, Alitalia will have its last flight from Sardinia to Rome. When asked by Alitalia, the Cagliari car is expected to arrive at the capital’s Rome-Fiumicino airport at 11:10 p.m. With the last flight, the line goes out of service after 74 years.

The new state airline Italia Trasporto Aereo (Ita) will take off tomorrow. He is considered Alitalia’s successor, but not his “economic successor” according to the EU Commission. Brussels wants Ita to leave the troubled Alitalia past.

After 2002, the traditional airline no longer made a profit. Attempts to set up the company failed. It went bankrupt in 2017 and was taken over by the Italian state. This provided an illegal bridge of about 900 million euros from the point of view of the competition watchdog in Brussels. During the Corona pandemic, Alitalia relied on additional millions of dollars to continue her operations.

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