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These numbers break the jackpot


The route to lottery acceptance points was great, with up to 220 tips per second given at peak times throughout Austria. There were 11.3 million in total, 10 million in the last pot. 90% of all players will invest the bulk of a potential profit in a home or a larger apartment, according to research. This is followed by extensive holiday travel or support for children and parents.

About 80% of all variants are played, "said Lotto Gerlinde Wohlauf, spokeswoman for AUSTRIA. In 2018, a total of 503 million tips have already been submitted. However, there was never a seven times jackpot. So far. Because even on Sunday no one typed the correct numbers. Now it is on Wednesday at the incredible 14 (!) Millions of Euros. – More about this here.

from the start

The last 6 times jackpot was 10,264,200 euros, he broke two players from Vienna. One of the two winners, a retiree, described his plans: "I want to start writing. Pay the loan, give my son something, buy a Harley Davidson, "he said. He was ready to travel to Pacific Higway in California, he said.

These numbers break the jackpot: 02 04 09 14 41 44 – ZZ 18

Lotto Plus numbers: 06 10 14 27 41 42

Joker numbers: 4 5 8 6 7 8

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This is!

Also, we will soon learn if we hit the jackpot or wait seven times the jackpot next week

Joker numbers

4, 5, 8, 6, 7, 8

Lotto Plus numbers


The third number fortunately: 2

On Wednesday there were 13 pennies

In the last draw on Wednesday there were no six, but equal to 13 players achieved a number with more than 20,700 euros. There were five winners in the Joker: two Upper Austrians, two Lower Austrians and one Stygos took around € 65,000.

It starts in less than 20 minutes

Then we will see what numbers could well inflate some players' account.

31 years until the first six jackpots

Previously, it was the first six-time jackpot in the history of the lottery last year, 31 years before Christmas Eve. With ten million euro gains, lottery markets are expecting this time to have about 11.3 million tips on around Sunday. So a six-piece solo would mean a new record, the statistics speak against him: The two previous six-handed bags ended with two six each.

Second six-pocket lottery jackpot within nine weeks

Since mathematical fate has hit a mathematical disorder and taught the statistics of a better one: If you purely mathematics a six times jackpot in the draw only once every few years, it is now the second within nine weeks – and the third within a year , as reported by lotteries.

Welcome to the live ticker!

Today we play for over 10 million euros!

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