Friday , March 31 2023

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege Doctor’s Curse Event returns tomorrow


Ubisoft announced that the terrible time is limited Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege The Doctor Curse Event will return tomorrow from November 2nd. The incident brings back monster hunting mode in a terrifying and reworked version of Frankenstein Amusement Park, where Doc’s horrific atrocities roamed. But this time the wolves are hunted by wolves.

In this new version of the 5v5 wolf hunting mode, some monsters (Lion and Jackal) have joined the wolf hunters. Sledges returned and rewrote their sledgehammers as weapons. There is also a gadget with three unique operator skins: Eyenox Model III (Jackal), heart rate sensor (Pulse) and EE-ONE-D (Lion). You will compete against five other monsters: Lesion, Frost, Kapkan, Smoke and Ela, as well as Aruni and Melusi, who are new in the game. Defensive monsters do not have weapons, but they can use traps designed for this mode and a unique ability: they become invisible for a short time and can escape faster to escape. The goal of the attacking monsters is to kill all the enemies inside, and the defended monsters must try to survive the tour.

The Doctor’s Curse collection, which includes packages for Smoke, Kapkan, Frost, Lesion, Doc, Bandit and Ela, is back and is complemented by packages for new monsters: Jackal, Lion, Aruni, Melusi and Kaid. Packages are available through collection packages for 1680 R6 loans each or 300 R6 loans each. Anyone who enters between tomorrow and November 2 will receive a free Doctor’s Course package and can get three more packages by completing Ubisoft issues.

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