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Turn me, but I think Fallout 76 is cool


Fallout 76 has been officially released since November 14, but has been criticized for its announcement. Many reviews are negative. Our author, Benedict, absolutely does not understand.

Where does hate come from? Bethesda has announced for the first time a Fallout, Fallout 76, which will be a multiplayer game. Fallout 76 is about survivors of Vault 76 and all human characters are controlled by the players.

Many criticisms have already disrupted the community before liberation:

Poor mood has reached its release and peaked with catastrophic scores on Metacritic and other platforms recently. According to the players, the expectations have been that Fallout 76 will be a great experience for single-player fans.

But I see it differently and I like Fallout 76.

screen drolf 76 precipitations

A game I finally want to play again

From the first day of the Beta for PC, I played Fallout 76. I had to spend hours in the set and I saw some bugs but I do not regret to play.

It may be a popular opinion, but I like Fallout 76.

I also enjoyed my fall earlier. Dystopic settings are always cool and Fallout handles them and almost no other game series. That's what I was about to deal with Fallout 76, so I knew the announcement at E3.

Shortly before the servers closed for the first time since the beta, I realized I wanted to keep playing. Fallout 76 tied me fast enough.

density of 76 tb

What makes Fallout worthwhile?

It is really a "real phenomenon": After creating a character, the game in Vault 76 starts with an introduction to how Fallout works. There are the first key features and clever comments of Mr. which still floats in the treasury.

The first search comes quite early. Her guardian files ask her to follow her path and find out what happened to her. The whole story goes so far through my more than 20 hours of play and continues to stand out.

I can hardly get to the main story

Every time I'm on my way to the next checkpoint, I find an interesting place I want to explore first and where to do more.

The same "problem" I had in the past. I can not do what I want to do. But this is not bad, eventually, I want to discover the world and play the game, not to follow a story.

Fallout 76 view on screenshot pwoer shield

The world is fantastic

Fallout 76 offers plenty of places to lose oneself. Many can complain about the graphics, but I find the level of detail hidden in the world amazing.

It begins with the fact that many of the opponents are "classic opponents", such as super mutants and nails of death. But there are also monsters that have been transferred directly from the legends and myths of West Virginia to the game.

Some of these monster monsters have even found some of the legends I have discovered in part, even in the game itself. In Mothman, with which players have already made selfies, there is a whole museum.

In addition, the spirit of the discovery is rewarded. I have already found many places that are not only "on the road". One rewards me with a spectacular view of West Virginia. Another shows the experimental space experiments of two living bears with a velvet.

Fallout 76 Space Optimization Program

Shaking is fun

More than any other phenomenon before, Fallout 76 has a system of manufacturing and handicraft that is very relevant to the game. Each player can build his own camp almost everywhere and even move it.

Camps can be simply wild-type objects or a small home that the players design and construct. For groups, there are workshops that can be taken and expanded to provide more resources, sometimes even difficult to find, rare materials.

At various handicraft stations, all items can be made from collected materials. There are stations for:

  • arms
  • armor
  • Chems
  • Ammunition and explosives
  • Armor of energy
  • food

Adding mods to armor and weapons and adjusting them to my style of play takes much of my time. I like to pinch and try to equip my weapons to be ideal for me.


Team and Solo – both have no problem

I mostly play only Fallout 76. So I can spend time exploring everything I find. I hear holo movies or read terminals for more history.

Nevertheless, I have some friends who play less and whom I can help. If they have problems, I will stop and help with missions or give them my old armor, which they see as improvements.

But the game is interesting too. You have more experience in teams and it is obviously easier to take harder opponents on its own. But I would not say it means "group or solo". Fallout 76 simply offers content for both.

Fallout 76 people go to Vault 2

Are there any negative elements?

Despite his name, Fallout 76 is not "the best game ever". Already in beta, there were many bugs that sometimes caused serious bugs. Technical problems, such as impossible uninstall, do nothing better. Particularly annoying are features that do not seem totally thoughtful.

PvP is "right there": Before the PvP, many players were initially "afraid". He was afraid Griefer would ruin his game. But Bethesda has introduced additional engineers to prevent sadness at Fallout 76. All PvP is generally not panic because it has little impact.

I had two experiences with PvP so far:

  • The first time I was hunting a player with generosity, which probably bothered many players. However, so many players have argued for his generosity that he fell under several players after a while.
  • The second meeting I was alone with a higher level pursuing. I wanted to beat his generosity. But since both were well-equipped, after about 400 rounds of ammunition and 10 strikes, we both had our own kiss and said goodbye. The killing was not possible.

This type of PvP is not a real piece of the world. This is very rare and has no real reason to exist. Would like to be out or solve differently.

fall 76 pvp bounty

Few settings: Particularly annoying settings are missing in the game. The computer does not have significant graphics options such as field of view, depth or choice for Ultrawide displays.

PC gamers have a fairly large loss of game quality and sometimes problems with nausea and motion sickness. Settings can only be configured by changing .ini files, but this could lead to Bethesda penalties.

All this is sad to be solved, but they could be improved after criticism in the future. Finally, Fallout 76 will work for a while. It is also more of a "blemish".

Destruction of 76 World Meditation Event

It looks nice, but it could handle a few more options.

I do not understand the negative votes

As someone who has sunk in the game for a few hours, I do not understand where the hate comes from. Fallout 76 is rock solid, entertaining and captivating like no previous game.

Legitimate criticism of unfounded hatred: I understand the critics who say the negative points are upset and want to wait until they are resolved. After all, Fallout 76 is a full-value game and you are welcome to set higher standards.

But what I do not like is the statements, the lack of endgame content, the long-term motivation and the lack of NPC. Especially the NPC issue seems like a reason for unfounded hatred.

I asked many fans who came up with just that argument if they could call NPCs from their predecessors by name. There were few answers. The story in the previous parts comes only to a large extent from holotapes and terminals.

In addition, Fallout 76 is the only missing NPC. Robots are still in the dispatch area. And considering Allistair Tenpenny from Fallout 3, one of the few people to remember, many robots are more human than some people …

Fallout 76 Raider Bot Rose

With Rose you will spend some time.

The endgame is great: That people are afraid before the release of the game, they had nothing to do in the end, it seems hard to understand. The first most frequent players have already ignited the first atomic bomb. But he only gave a picture of what can come.

Who really comes to the "endgame" of Fallout 76, can make all content through nuclear missiles even more difficult. Heavyweight heavyweight, requiring long-distance battles, always provide better coins.

This sounds like Grind, but to get there, it has to play a lot of history. And only the casual content of Fallout 76 already does 150 hours of play. I do not know who can be this "not enough endgame".

nuclear fire 76

I like Fallout 76 and it stays that way

Many players have serious reviews about the Fallout 76. I also find here minor bugs or annoying mistakes such as crashes that make me sing with my teeth. But I live with these little bad guys.

I like to play Fallout 76 for small events. When I have time, I start searching to explore the world more. Apart from the small deficiencies in control, there is nothing to bother me more often. On the contrary, I like to find places where I can really enjoy the game, see the environment or try new weapons.

If all this is not enough, it should spit me for my opinion.

What do you think; Are you, in my opinion, or is your Fallout 76 not good? Write a comment or talk to our team. On Facebook you will find more great offers and hot news for the Fallout 76.

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