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All tests are completed by December 10 at national level


All testing ends on December 10th

According to the Electoral Commission's guidelines, schools may decide on the annual assessment of educational institutions by 10 December. The instructions are also received from the Education Directorate's schools.

Stakeholders say that the choice of national elections requires almost every educational institution in the country. Teachers Needed Therefore, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Primary and Mass Media have decided to close the school's yearly examinations and admission exams in different classes to keep the educational activities of educational institutions and teachers freely available during the election. This decision was submitted to the electoral committee. Annual examination of primary schools is 11-18 December. Between it took place. But the ministry brings it. The Department of First Instance and Mass Science has already released the test on 29 November and 6 December.

On the other hand, the decision to submit a secondary examination was announced on 20 September. On this day, reporters were informed that the annual examination of all classes in secondary education will begin on November 28 and end on December 11. The results will be published on December 30.

But in order to do so by the Electoral Commission on 10 December 2008, this level of inquiry will be redefined. Tapan Kumar Sarker, the director of the Dhaka Education Council, told Ittefaq that education is governed by schools under the electoral committee's guidelines. Senior teachers said that on December 11, one day before the scheduled time, the test will take place every holiday day.

Prof. Dr. Abdul Mannan, Professor of Secondary and Higher Education (Mashi), said that due to the election, teachers are released from the academic work in advance. He decided to finish the shooting test in mid-December.

He said that on December 17, 18, and 19 December he had decided on governmental entrance examinations. But since the Electoral Commission has said it lasts until 10 December, you have to think again. In addition, whether these three tests can be drawn up on a regular basis can also be discussed with the Electoral Commission. The dispute will soon be resolved and will soon be announced.

The JSC exams started on November 1. The students of 29 677 students in the country participate in the JSC-JDC exam of 2,903 centers until 2 November.

Except for this, the primary and ibtaydhiya final exams will begin on November 18th. This test runs until November 26.

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