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Apu Biswas of the transformed love girl


The full name of Apu Biswas is "Abanti Biswas Apu". Who is a filmmaker of Bangladesh. It has already become the mind of all the people of Bangladesh. Apu Biswas, in 2005 Amjad Hossain's film came into the film in the morning. Who only ruled the film for only 13 years. He received a top of popularity last year for personal reasons. In a direct interview on a television in 2017, Apu Biswas expressed his marriage to Shakib Khan. Apu Islam Khan married Shakib Khan and preserved Shakib's wedding secret under pressure. After the wedding, on September 27, 2016, her son, Abraham Han, was born in Calcutta. Since the release of this incident, it took the place of people gentle. All readers are looking for newspapers, how are you? Most of her news is read most of the time. Only the reader because all journalists are busy with the dissemination of the latest news.

Apu Biswas was born in the Satmata region of Sadar in the Bogra district. Dad Apnendranath Biswas and mother Shefali Believers, among the three daughters and a son, the youngest Apu of all. His childhood and adolescence were spent in Bogra. First SOS School Harman Meiner Then Fair Fair, Crescent High School and finally Yaqubiya Girls High School. Initially she started dancing with encouraging parents. Academy of Handkhari Bulbul Lalitkala At that time Shilpakala Academy and finally Nrituanya. Be first in a competition organized by Dance in the ninth grade.

Apu Biswas, in 2005 Amjad Hossain's film came into the film in the morning. In 2006, he played opposite Shakib Khan as the first great heroine in the Manik movie titled "Taka taker kabin". The couple then gave a series of spectacular films. Apu Biswas acted opposite Shakib Khan for most of the film. According to Wikipedia, Apu-Shakib has created 72 pairs of movie pairs. The Indian media reported that the 49th film Rituparna Sengupta and Prasenjit Jha Sashenkon & directed by Kaushik Ganguly. 49 movies to a couple, which is a world record! The name of this pair is going to be introduced to Guinness World Records. Preparations for sending all documents have already begun. The question arises, if the name Rituparna-Prasenjit in the Guinness Book of World Records to act on a series of movies, then why Shakib-Apu is not called?

But on February 22, 2018, there was an official separation between the star couple Shakib Khan and Apu Biswas. The Shakib-Apu chapter ended the month of love. 10 years of marriage and 12 years of cinematic career, both have stopped now. Apu's mistake is that Apu did not keep her husband's orders, but she did not hear her. In love with Shakib, Apos took his religion and took the religion of Shakib, worked as a husband at Shakib's home. Shakib hid his marriage to hide the subject. He continued to conceal the news that he was a child while he hid. Shakib did not go to the hospital when he was a child, but his love for Shakib did not diminish. The girl gets the girl in the hell of Talaknama

Knowing that Shakib Khan is wrong with Apuru, no one in civil society can have opened a mouth but said he's always with Apu. But there was hope for a more responsible role than them. Apu believed and prayed to the Honorable Prime Minister to help her with her vaccination. But the world did not last forever. He said in the media: "It is not possible for someone to keep a family. This place requires equal participation on both sides." From the beginning, I tried my own to keep my family alive. I have the ability to go alone with the boy, "said Apu Biswas," I am very good, my beautiful time with Joy has been cut, and many things will go ahead Preparing to do this. "Aap said further," No. I become a matter of time. Now my meditation is my only knowledge of my son, the Abaram Khan Joy. We will live for & # 39; this and we will work hard to make the man. "

Apu Biswas recently went to school with his only son, Abram Khan Joy. Superstar Shakib Khan accompanies him. Joy Maa Apu Biswas said: "Shakib is very serious for the victory, I would not have imagined going to school to enter the morning, the respect for the victorious father has increased, now to overcome all the obstacles he wants to overcome and Apu has a new apartment in the residential area of ​​Bashundhara, saying he is much better, and as his partner, the only son, Abram Khan Jai, he used to spend time with him in retirement, and Apu Bishai said: I'm like me now. I work like I am very good. "

Now all the compatriot is looking for one, Shakib-Apu must be at least one that thinks of winning the child. Pope turned to Islam to turn his religion to marry Shakib. If a converted woman leaves her family and does not receive the decent honor from her husband then there is no other problem than that. So I think there is a need to change some of our laws, so the second thought before abandoning the boy to a thrilling girl. Finally, we want Apu Biswas to give a gift to some good works in the country and make Joy the ideal person.

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