Tuesday , October 4 2022

First of all, the lives of people: Abdul Abal (Jessore's Deputy Commissioner)


Abdul Halm, son of farmer Haseem Ali from Jessore Sadar's village of Pansambari, came up with the MLSS of the land office. Abdul Halim went to Sarsa Bazar after finishing office work on Wednesday. On the way to Bengal, the motorcycle that comes into reckless motion pushed him. The head began to bleed because of a serious headache. The local residents rescued him and were admitted to the Sharsha Upazila Health System. When the physical condition deteriorated, executive officer Sharsha Upazila Pulk Kumar Mandal recognized him in the Jessore hospital 250 beds.

Jessore's NDC Pritam Saha said that immediately after getting information on the Abdul Halim accident, Deputy Commissioner Abdul Awal asked him. The doctor said his treatment is not possible in Jessore. Need for quick transfer to Dhaka. However, there is no ambulance to transport patients with support to life in the area. The special helicopter of the last air force. But it is almost impossible for the family to take him to Dhaka.

In this situation, the Deputy Commissioner took control of Abdul Halim. That night he moved to Jessore CMH. There he was immediately transferred to the ICU. Various CT tests were performed. Besides, bleeding was removed with scars. Later, Deputy Commissioner Dhaka CMH organized a helicopter in Dhaka with the help of a special medical team in co-operation with the Air Force on Thursday afternoon. Helm was held in ICU with Dhaka CMH. Now he needs an emergency company. But doctors are waiting for their physical ability.

NDC Pritam Saha also said that if the Deputy Commissioner did not take immediate action, Halim could not be reached by Dhaka CMH. Because doctors from Jessore CMH said that if they delay half an hour, they may not reach CMH. Although Halim's situation is still very worrying. This is why he asked blessings for Halum from all.

Nazir Habibur Rahman Habib of the Nejrat branch of Jessore collector said, no one has heard that someone has done the DC Lord for Halim. Everyone is overwhelmed by the news that they were sending helicopters to Dhaka. Now they pray for Hallem. Allah bless him quickly.

Deputy Commissioner Abdul Awal said after hearing about the news of the accident, just as someone in the family suffers from illness just as it hurts. No matter who is capable, human life is the first of all. He simply held the guardian's responsibility from his post.

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