Thursday , June 8 2023

India is thinking about the elections in Bangladesh


India's High Commissioner in Bangladesh Harsh Vardhan Sringala said India is happy seeing membership in Bangladesh is happening. He said: "They want the continuation of democracy in Bangladesh forever and at the appointed time, the government should be formed by voting to everyone."

The High Commissioner came to meet with Health and Family Minister Mohammad Nasim at the Secretariat on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Health and Family Minister Mohammad Nasim said the government is always determined to hold elections with the formation of all parties. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also congratulates her on taking part in all the elections.

Speaking of today's friendship between Bangladesh and India, today's government is working under the leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hassina to take this bilateral relationship to a higher level. The people of Bangladesh always remember India's contribution to the war of independence with gratitude.

The High Commissioner of India said that maintaining a friendly relationship with neighboring countries has given priority to their foreign policy. India has placed Bangladesh at the top of the list with particular emphasis on it. India believes it will be possible to play a positive role in the development of this region with Bangladesh.

At the moment, Mohammad Nasim said he was in the process of building six medical hospitals in Jessore, Pabna, Noakhali, Bazar of Cox, Patuakhali and Jamalpur, with the help of the Indian government. Meanwhile, the Health Minister recalled the government's support in the new 36 country clinics in the country.

He said that not only the health sector, India's contribution to the socio-economic development of Bangladesh is acting as a factor influencing the development of relations between the two countries.

Harsh Vardhan Shringla welcomed the recent improvement in medical education in Bangladesh, saying that every year students from India are able to return to the country by passing medical schools in Bangladesh and gaining quality services.

At this time senior officials of the Ministry of Health and the Indian High Commission were present.

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