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Nazmul Huda can not be excluded from the election … – 705384 | Kaler Kantho


The full verdict of the Supreme Court was published by former Secretary of State Barrister Nazmul Huda for four years in prison and his wife, lawyer Sigma Huda, declared his imprisonment sentence. The verdict was published more than one year after the verdict was issued to the public court. In the 67-page verdict, Nazmul Huda was ordered to surrender to the lower court to enjoy the sentence. The lower court was requested to surrender within 45 days of the copy of the verdict. Najmul Huda, who has been ruled out for the forthcoming parliamentary elections, said the ruling was handed down by the court to take the necessary measures to arrest Nazmul Huda if he was not surrendered over the course of the year. But Nazmul Huda should be surrendered to participate in the elections. Then you have to appeal the prison sentence. Legal experts believe that upon receipt of the court order, they may be candidates for elections if they receive instructions.

Court judge Bhabani Prasad Singh and Justice Minister Mostafa Zaman gave a brief verdict on November 8th. The full verdict of the court was published Sunday on the website of the Supreme Court.

Nazmul Huda couple to get an opportunity to appeal to the Board of Appeal against the verdict of the High Court. ACC, Khurshid Alam Khan, said that Nazmul Huda should be handed to the lower court before appealing. He said that because of this verdict, Nazmul Huda became ineligible for the upcoming elections.

In the verdict of the verdict, it has been said that corruption is a curse. Corruption is observed everywhere in society. The corruption of any government employee not only erodes the basis of society, it is detrimental to the national interest and the economy. It is said in a verdict that when a person goes to the top of the government and abuses power, this corruption will cause enormous damage to the economy, national interest and the image of the country.

On 21 March 2007, ACC filed a case against the couple with the Dhanmondi police station against the couple for a bribe of TK 2.4 million from a contractor named Akter Hossain Limited, a management company called Mir Jahir Hossain. In this case, the court of special judges, established in the Jatiya Sangsad building MP building, sentenced Nazmul Huda to a verdict in seven years and Sigma Huda was sentenced to three years' imprisonment on 27 August of that year. The couple appealed to the Supreme Court against the verdict. After the hearing on the appeal, the High Court was acquitted in a verdict on March 20, 2011. The Anti-Corruption Committee (ACC) appealed to the High Court verdict against the High Court verdict. Subsequently, the Board of Appeal annulled the High Court decision on 1 December 2014 and again ordered the High Court. The Supreme Court again issued the verdict after the hearing. The verdict is said to have proven the bribery claim against the Nazmul Huda couple. However, the court reduced the seven-year sentence from Nazmul Huda to seven years in four years. And the sentence of Sigma Huda was reduced to three years. The Supreme Court gave the verdict as a punishment for Sigma Huda as he was in prison for the time being. ACC lawyer said, Sigma Huda was in jail for almost a year and a half.

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