Sunday , September 25 2022

Portugal to the Semi Group


In the UEFA Nations League, the former world champions of Italy and Portugal scored a non-match. The tie also took place in the semi-finals of the Portuguese team.

In the match held on Saturday night, Dugli played in an attack-meter assault. But no team could do that.

However, Italy had a great chance to qualify in the fourth minute of the match. The Italian goalkeeper has a great shot from Insinie.

In the 73rd minute, Portugal missed a great opportunity, entering the D-box could give Joao excellent shot for the goal if he did not get on the cross.

The draw draws two wins and three draws in Portugal, and Portugal draws 7 points. First they went to the semester. And one victory and two draws in four matches, Italy scored 5 points.

Earlier, Italy lost 1-0 to the first football match in Portugal in September.

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