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'Reza Kibria is directed to the rice sector because of … Kaler Kantho


The son of former Finance Minister Shah AMS Kibria, who was killed in a bomb blast during the BNP era. Secretary General Obaidul Quader said that Reza Kibria never made the Awami League, asked why his address is in the ear of rice.

Speaking to reporters at the Secretariat, Obaidul Quader said: "We have no headaches to go to Raza Kibria rice.

Habiganj-1 seat consisting of Nabiganj and Bahubal at the end of Kibriaar village. But he was not a member of the parliament. In 1996-2001, during the Awami League government, Shah ASM Kibria served as Finance Minister.

Following the formation of the BNP-Jamaat Alliance Government, Awami League member of the Awami League council member was elected a member in 2001 by the Habiganj-3 (Sadar-Lakhai) constituency. Shah Ams Kibria was killed in a bomb attack on a match organized by the Awami League in 2005.

Former Finance Minister of Awami League Government Shah AMSKibiyara. Reza Kibria announced that it would choose from the national united front the symbol rice rice.

In this regard, Habiganj-1 (Nabiganj-Bahubal) hometown expressed his desire to challenge the constituency. Reza Kibria

Dr. Reza Why collect rice rice? Responding to such questions he asked the Awami League general secretary, he said. Kamal Hossain was like us, like Sultan Mansour with us, as Mahmudur Rahman Manna was with us as we were together at the Cabinet of ASM Abdur Rab Chienbawi, as Kader Siddiqui was with us now in the ear of rice . Just so ….

"She (Dr. Reza Kibria) is not worth mentioning. … go. Reza Kibria has never been with us. Reza Kibria was never the Awami League. Where he went, he did not go, those who did Awami League, many people are in the ear of rice …. We do not have a headache. "

His father died in a bomb attack – In a journalist's question, Obaidul Quader said: "Ask him. Ask him why he must know the rice paddy.

With a strong warning to those revolting outside the Awami League definition, he said, there is news about the rebellion. It is very likely that our will will be expelled for life …

Obaidul Quader said: "Our appointment is almost the final stage, now alliance with the Alliance is list, it will be tomorrow (Monday), then we can sit in a ritual way, then publish the full list, 5 days. It has been decided to publish a complete catalog together.

"We have given the nomination the basis in the research report. Those who were bad in the research report were impressed. The Research Report has decided to nominate those who are ahead. There are new faces, old faces. The candidate aged candidate is nominated. We will not all be there, there are 14 parties, there are national parties, there is a united front, there are some Islamic groups. They are partners of our allies. "

Asked how many positions will be given to the party, Qader said, what our leader said about the murder, 65-70 We will definitely look at whether Win and the electoral candidates are less likely to talk about it. We do not hesitate to exclude those of us who are not electoral.

If the United Front will reduce the seats of the alliance, the secretary general of the Awami League said if the candidate Mashrafi then the employees there are likely to be gross. 14 teams that have not thought of moving away from the elected. We need to look at whether the 14th party or the Jatiya Party, whether it be us or not, is not electal.

"I'm 100% optimistic about the victory of the Awami League and the Awami League-led alliance in the next election," added Quader.

Speaking of the elections will be announced shortly, road transport and the Secretary of State said, the possibility of declaring the Prime Minister Awami League is more.

BNP leader Ruhul Kabir Rizvi in ​​the Awake championship statement? Regarding the question, Qader said, we have heard that BNP has the form of the Alliance for Election, Hire and Dairy. Where are they going now, who was a reformer, we were in the field because we could not get it, it has a fight every day. Jaga-khichuri front unity, lion-mannered unity in front.

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