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Sahruk was criticized by critics


Sahruk Khan has been criticized by Thugs Hindustan. Photo: Collect

In the movie "Thagas Hindustan", two Hindi stars Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan starred in the film. On the first day of release, box office earnings record was set, but the audience fell to viewers and viewers. Come fall into the income. Several theaters have to cancel the exhibition. However, super star Shah Rukh Khan was next to Hindustan's Thugs.

Thagas of Hindustan was released on the occasion of the Deepavali festival. The 300-rupee film could not meet the audience's expectations. The box office is now struggling to raise half a billion rupees.

Shah Rukh Khan is unhappy with audience and criticism. In an interview with India today, he said, "I want to say something. Although they are personal, I do not know whether or not to be right. One thing hurt me, I shared it. When it happened to me, I was not injured. Now I got it. "

The "zero" actress said: "These people have been producing great movies for many years. An image can be good, it can be bad. We can not say we did the best picture in the world. Bachchan Sahib (Amitabh Bachchan) and Aamir gave amazing films.

"Amir and Amitji have been outstanding contributions to Hindi films over the past 10 years. Now a photo of them can not meet the expectations, so they have to move away from their pictures? I think some people have become very stubborn. It is fruitful. This does not mean that their autonomy has collapsed. They are the artists who will return to the new look, "added Shahrukh.

Bollywood Badshah believes people are behaving hard against Thagas Hindustan.

"But people have to be a bit less rude, I think the image of the" husband "is odd and we have to make twenty thousand such images, but I think Thugs of Hindustan are amazing, sometimes we make mistakes. such a picture where Aamir did not give his best I've known him for twenty years And if someone gives more than that Amir will agree with me that they are Amitji … and at that age So they did something new with good heart and great talent, "said Shahrukh.

Shahrukh Khan also said there was no action-adventure film in India after the Parsamani film of 1963. The Hindustan aunts were built after all these decades.

"Hindustan villains tried to introduce this custom, it could be a little different, but no one can say with a comparison because they are not" Pirates of the Caribbean, "said Shahrukh.

Thagas of Hindustan was released on November 8th. On the first day, the record wins Rs 52 crores. But the yields gradually decreased. So far, the image has earned 133 million 75 million

Legends of Hindustan were released in seven thousand theaters around the world. Ticket price is also increased by 10%. However, in view of criticism, many theater performances were canceled. Source: DNA

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