Tuesday , October 4 2022

Samsung reveals the foldable smartphone


In the years to come Samsung Electronics presents the long awaited, bold or foldable smartphone model. The new device was introduced on Wednesday at the company's annual San Francisco programmer's conference. Reuters news

At the same time, Samsung introduced the company's new interface named One UI. The new user interface will be useful for using smartphones in one hand. The company will have the plan on the first dependent smartphone. Until then, no neuron was observed on any Samsung phone screen. However, Samsung has come out with three new nail demonstrations from this conference.

The new Samsung smartphone found was part of the California Developer Conference. Samsung is working with Google to create this smartphone.

Samsung did not reveal any details about the features of the folding smartphone. The company said the foldable smartphone would look like a book while it wraps. The device will use the Infinity Flex Display. The device will be 7 inches inches when the crease is open. The screen resolution of the device will be 1536-2152 pixels. But in the aspect, the customer can see a 4.7-inch screen out. This analysis will amount to 1960-840 pixels.

Samsung has created a new material for use on this screen because it can not fold the glass. The company said that this new powerful material like glass is also used in a new grandson.

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