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Tamim returns to the test


GO News 24 | Sports office Published: November 7, 018, 03:04 pm Updated November 7, 2018, 09:04 am

Tamim returns to the test

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Tamif Inal gave good assurance The opener will return to Bangladesh in the first test against the West Indies. The impressive opener of Bangladesh has said it. Not only that. The chance to play in the second test against Zimbabwe, when he recovers the injury quickly, has the ability to play.

This is the country's best opener in the Asian Cup final match with the injured in the first fight. The opaque was not adhered to the one-day series and the Zimbabwean trials for an irregularity.

In addition to Tammy, he has succeeded in a one-day cricket, but his lack is repeated in many ways. Especially in the Sylhet test against Zimbabwe were found in the rhythm of defeat. When Tamim returns to the subject of thousands of his supporters, Tammy said about his return to an interview given to Tibi.

Tamim said: "I will play in the first match with the West Indies, but there is a word that I can not play with Zimbabwe in the second test, I will not be able to exclude it completely because there is a small chance of returning there.

But the reality says Tamim's return will be tough. Tamim also said: "I think the hand is better now, I do not want to rush because we have many important races ahead of us."

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