Sunday , September 25 2022

The anniversary of the death of Maulana Bhashani celebrated


The 42nd anniversary of the death of Majlum Janantta Maulana Abdul Hamid Khan Bhashani was celebrated yesterday through various programs.
In 1976, he died while he was treated to the then PG hospital in Dhaka. Later, he was buried in Tangail's satisfaction.
This anniversary of the death of Jananeta is celebrated through various programs of the capital, Dhaka and Sandal Tangai. Various political, social and cultural organizations have organized various programs on this occasion. The program was held at Santosh by his wrestler and discussion conversation.
On this occasion, on the occasion of the anniversary of the death of Maulana Bhasani in Dhaka, Memorial Bhasani organized a discussion and prayer program of Dawa Mahabil in Bhayani Bhaban in Nayapaltan, capital of the capital.
Former speaker Nazmul Haque Nannu, Secretary General of Smriti Sangsad Kazi Munirul Huda, Vice Mansur Ali Chunnu and Nancy Rahman addressed the program.
Tangelis' correspondent said the 42nd anniversary of the death of Maudan Abdul Hamid Han Busani was celebrated yesterday through various programs in Tanganya. Deputy Chancellor of the University of Maulana Bhasani Science and Technology Vice Rector Professor Dr. M. Alauddin led professors, officers, employees and wreath students. The wreaths were then placed separately from various university colleges and colleges, the Maulana Bhasani Research Center, the University Teachers 'Association, the Associations of Workers' Associations, the Bangabandhu Parishad , the Mabhbiprabi Chhatra League, Bhasani Parishad and various university university organizations. Then one of the political and cultural organizations, including the Awami League, the BNP, the Jatiya Party, the Tangail Press Club, the Bhasani Foundation, the Bhashani Family, NAP Bhashani, Khoda Khedmatgara, and wishing to wreak to the sanctuary and pray for her forgiveness his soul.

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