Sunday , September 25 2022

10:10 – Total's location at Feluy is still blocked by yellow vests


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"Yellow vests" still block access to Total's site in Feluy (Hainaut) this Saturday morning. The oil company says there is no risk of shortage of fuel. The police in the Mariemont area are on the spot. The suspension of the area began on Friday. Dozens of protesters also distribute leaflets to motorists to protest for rising fuel prices. At the request of Total, bailiffs intervened to impose periodic penalty payments in the event of continued jams. "We do not see the risk of fuel shortages," said Total spokesman at Agence Belga. "The situation is gradually being broken down and we do not have a complete balance sheet yet, but we are asking motorists not to change their consumption habits and not to hurl themselves into pumps that could eliminate a shortage." Inspired by the citizens' initiative of the same name designed in France, "yellow vests" – motorists overwhelmed by the price of fuel – want to express their dissatisfaction with the rise in the prices of petroleum products. Dozens of them were also expected on Saturday morning in Tournai for protest. (Belga)

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