Thursday , June 8 2023

Asit Biotech is looking for a business partner


Asit Biotech has commissioned a specialist company to find a partner for the commercialization of its flagship product, gp-Asit +, a candidate for treatment against allergic rhinitis from grass pollen.

Biotechnology in Brussels Asit Biotech

has begun research into potential partners for the clinical development and future commercialization of gp-Asit +, the flagship product for allergic rhinitis of grass pollen. The Sage Team has been authorized to identify a business partner with a focus on the US market.

Asit Biotech expects to launch a strategic agreement to commercialize gp-Asit +, mainly in the United States and possibly other international markets. The future partner could also gain access to the portfolio of Asit Biotech immunotherapy products currently preclinical against this food allergies and allergy to mites says biotechnology in a statement.

As part of this commodification process, ASIT biotechnology will meet potential partners on the occasion of BIO-Europe, the largest European pharmaceutical partnership conference to be held in Denmark from 5 to 7 November 2018.

Remember that gp-Asit + has already been a initial Phase III study. This has shown a significant improvement in the symptoms of patients after a short-term treatment. Biotech is currently preparing one confirmatory study Phase III of about 600 patients whose intake should start early in 2019 so they can be dealt with before the 2019 pollen season.

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