Friday , September 30 2022

Car seat components are considered toxic to children’s brains



  • At the age of one, the brain size of a baby is 2/3 the size of an adult.
  • The brains of immature babies are especially fragile.

Brain development “a whole generation” would be threatened. Excited, American researchers have just demonstrated the existence of some products used in the manufacture of car seats “neurotoxics”, especially for children.

Esther organophosphorus

To reach this conclusion, scientists have focused on organophosphate esters, which are used to make consumer products less flammable. “They are found in various electronic objects, building materials, vehicles, furniture, car seats, plastics and textiles.” scientists say. Therefore “Organophosphate esters and their metabolites are regularly found in urine, blood, placental tissue and breast milk worldwide.” add.

After synthesizing the results of dozens of international studies, the scientists, published in the journal Envririonalal Health Perspective, found a link between exposure to organophosphate esters, low IQ levels and decreased attention in young people. They also showed that children took organophosphate esters when they put their hands in their mouths.

Call the manufacturers

Researchers are therefore urging manufacturers to use materials that are less harmful to health. “If we do not stop using organophosphate esters now, the results will be serious and irreversible,” he said. conclude.

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