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"I entered the wrong for the local space"


Singer Breton wrote his lyrics Back to LA, his seventh title My country is love. in Paris fightregrets the fact that he "competed with other writers". Frustration difficult to accept who worked for more than twenty years with the rocker.

Johnny Hallyday had noticed it twenty years ago. Singer Miossec, who helped revive his rocker career with the waiting in 2012, he was naturally elected to participate in his adventure My country is love – which just surpassed one million copies sold. He is at the beginning of his words Back to LA. in Paris fight, published on Thursday 15 November, says cooperation has proved difficult this time.

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"I was taken for the local farmer who did not have a reason," laments the Brittany singer, a talented lyricist associated with his country of origin and always kept out of show business circuits. "The choir was already there when I was asked to work on it, so I did the couple," explains Christophe Miossec. He hopes that "for the services provided" will have more room for maneuver. "But I did not find myself competing with other writers," he continues.

Miossec is behind many songs by Johnny Hallyday, whom he met during their first collaboration on the album Blood for blood in 1999. Thirteen years later, Miossec finds the rocker with the record the waiting, which writes almost entirely. The piece 20 years, a reflection on happiness and old age is sacred "original song of the year" Victoires de la musique. In 2015, "I wrote From love and My heart beats in the studio with Yodelice, "reminds Miossec, stating that these are" pieces he liked ".

the album My country is love includes texts from a new lyricist. Including novelist Jerome Attal and Yohann Malory, a regular partner of Jenifer, who has signed three songs from the posthumous album.

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"I thought there would be some belly recognition, but it did not come," says the author today. If the songwriter is not proud Back to LAmay have conjured up with his latest production as a singer this time: He broke up, the 11th album released on September 28, receives an excellent welcome.

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