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nearly 283,000 protesters, one dead and 200 injured


Yellow vests block traffic on the A13 motorway, 17 November 2018, in Dozulé, Calvados
Yellow vests block traffic on the A13 motorway on 17 November 2018 in Dozulé, Calvados (CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / AFP)

Almost 283,000 "yellow vests" protested across France on Saturday against the increase in fuel taxes and the drop in purchasing power, in 2,000 sometimes tense concentrations that led to accidents resulting in a death and 227 injuries.

Seven people were seriously injured, including a police officer, the ministry said at a press conference. Earlier in the evening, more than 200 exclusion points had not yet been set and protesters were still present at more than 1,400 meetings.

"Yellow vests, black anger," "Jupiter, go down to earth, are misery": les protesters, who sometimes brought a message to their vests, block highways, roundabouts, hypermarkets, or organized toll-free businesses across the country.

A total of 282,710 people participated in the demonstrations, according to the Interior Ministry.

The "yellow vests" failed to block France as they wanted, but the whole territory was touched by their actions, which represents a certain success for this movement, started out from the social networks and was organized outside the political parties and trade unions .

The first head of the union spokesman on Saturday night, CFDT chief Laurent Berger urged Emmanuel Makron to "reunite" unions, employers and associations very quickly "to build a social pact of ecological conversion." "Social justice and ecology are compatible! There is an urgent need," he said in a tweet.

– Night in the dams –

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Gendarmes and "yellow vests" face each other near Ellie, November 17, 2018

Protesters said they planned to camp and spend the night at their barricades, and some wanted to continue the movement on Sunday. Access to some highways has been absent or difficult in the afternoon.

Fred, the spokesman for the Millau movement, promised that the protesters would be "transported all night." "If we have to continue tomorrow, we will continue on Monday, we will continue if we do not understand".

After several hours of tension between protesters and police in the Palais de l'Elysee area in Paris, the majority of "yellow vests" have been scattered. There were no injuries, no damage, according to Paris police chief Michel Delpuech.

"Yellow Vests": The Day of Protest (Sabrina BLANCHARD / AFP)

"The difference between my gross and net amount is 1,000 euros, so I'm here today," said Valentine, a protester of the 24-year-old report on the Seine. "Today we are working to survive, more to live," said 35-year-old Amandine, a mother assistant.

In France, there were 117 arrests, followed by 73 arrests, according to the Interior Ministry.

In Pont-de-Beauvoisin (Savoie), a driver who took her daughter to the doctor panicked when the protesters began to hit her car. Then she came up to them, killing a 63-year-old woman.

This, like many others, was not reported.

"I ask for the responsibility of those who organize these events, they have brought a message, it is understandable," Interior Minister Christophe Castaner said.

"The government is careful in all the mobilizations, we must continue to respond to the expectations of the French, including in terms of purchasing power," he added.

The authorities are concerned about the continuation of the movement at night: "Demonstrations today are a good kid, tonight are transforming with the arrival of solvents," said Richard Lizurey, General Director of the National Gendarmerie (DGGN) who said Molotov cocktails were thrown against of the police.

And "in the evening, the danger is to be hit by a vehicle," he said while 5,000 patrols will remain mobilized until Sunday morning.

– "External Indication of Poverty" –

A study published on Saturday by L 'Argus notes that the sections where drivers drive the most diesel vehicle are also those where most non-taxed households reside. Diesel has become an "external sign of poverty," concludes the specialized edition.


On Saturday night, an executive advisor acknowledged that there was "a mobilization that is there, we must not deny it."

But "it was not at the expected level. This is not the expected tidal wave, rather than a visit that is sometimes surprising."

In the opposition, some made the streets: Lorent Vuckey, head of LR, called Macron to understand and "correct his mistakes."

The elected representatives of Rassemblement National were also present along with the "yellow vests", but not Marine Le Pen.

The protests also took part in the protests. Their leader, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, criticized Twitter for "manipulation of participation numbers" and "dramatization" on behalf of the government. He went to the Place de la Concorde without wearing a yellow vest.

At the instigation of this dissatisfaction, civil society members mobilized against rising fuel prices before the basis for complaints extended to a more comprehensive denunciation of government tax policy and a reduction in purchasing power.

From 1 January 2019, diesel taxes should be increased by 6.5 cents per liter and gasoline taxes by 2.9 cents.

For the political scientist Jean-Marie Pernot, a researcher at Ires, is a "success of participation." "We will see what they are inventing to continue the pressure, (…) what they choose to keep the flame."

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