Saturday , April 1 2023

Sinead O'Connor does not want to scrub the white anymore. They are disgusting "


On October 19, Sinead O'Connor announced his conversion to Islam, claiming to be "proud to become a MuslimSince then, after receiving the name of Shuhada Davitt, the 51-year-old musician makes her speech again on October 6th, causing controversy among many Internet users.

The Irish singer posted this Tuesday on Twitter. "I'm so sorry.
What I have to say is so racist that I did not know that at some point my soul could think of it. But I do not want to get away with the white anymore (if this is the way we call non-Muslims) Never again, for whatever reason. They are disgusting. "

In a second intervention, he raises the question of whether the social network will censor his position and then attack Donald Trump. "It will be interesting to see if Twitter abolishes [ce message] while [la plateforme] allows people like Trump and Milbank to spread their satanic sepsis in our country "

"No one is disgusting because of his nationality, no matter who you've gone through the path »,« there are good non-Muslims and good non-Muslims "Some internet users have responded.

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