Tuesday , October 4 2022

Speed ​​explosion in the Walloon Baltic



The number of penalty tickets increased by 139% in ten years!

From time to time, the municipal authorities of the various Walloon Baltic operators are advancing in the development of their roads. This entails the renewal of pavements, the creation of roundabouts and the development of surfaces designed to break the speed of motorists a bit hurriedly.

The various police districts of the province are also involved in the effort to carry out multiple speed controls throughout the year and the spread of Lidar along our roads proves that speed has for years become one of the priorities of the police zones with regard to road safety.

We have to say that with alcohol, speed is one of the most important causes of accidents on our roads. With a sadly deadly effect on some.

This obviously does not prevent motorists traveling in Walloon Brabant from continuing to have a very heavy leg. And recent federal police statistics in this area will not oppose us. In the first six months of the year, 71,718 speed incidents were recovered from fixed and mobile radars settled in the province.

A sad record: never the number of minutes worked in the first half would never be so high! This percentage is increased by 7% compared to the same period in 2017. Even worse: since 2009 (30.066 trainees), the number of motorists had orally supported with a little exaggeration the mushroom increased by 139%!

The number of drivers ranging from January to June 2018 even exceeds the number of gears reported throughout the year (69,232 P.V.).

Regarding the speeds recorded, we note that the majority of the drivers who were ratified (46,649) during the first six months of the year ran at a rate of 10-20 km / h beyond the permitted limits. And, fortunately, only 997 drivers were punished to push their cars above 40 km / h above the speed limit. So many drivers who had to go to the police court to explain the reasons that led them so quickly …

Finally, note that speed is the largest of the main routes. With a point that is obviously very popular with the police: the E411 near Perwez accumulates only 25% of the motorists that shine from January to June of this year.

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