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The best chef 2018 wins Ludovic


Valerian, Ludovic and Charles competed to win this season of the Amateur M6

On a feast, the three finalists – Ludovic, Charles and Valerian – experienced thrills for their latest trials under the Best Chef Confectionary scene. Season 7 is won by Lundovic, which is not surprising as the contender made a sense from the start.

The facts of the "Funfair" report in brief

The revised classic by Cyril Lignac: the apple of love.

The Mercotte technical test: Dansk tivoli carussel, a tribute to the Copenhagen carousel.

The Creativity Test: exhibition sights, which must come to life.

Who is the big winner?

Ludovic. Professor of Natural Sciences in a Bordeaux High School, he is no stranger to dough lovers since he has been past his Pastry Freak blog for a few years now. He was from the beginning a beloved, thanks to his technical self-confidence and rigor, even though he often moved away from his creativity, with the risk of being several times out of the question. "Save greed and exchange," said the winner.

Who is Pierre Hermé, the chef?

Pierre Hermé was sacred

Pierre Hermé was crowned "the world's finest pastry chef" by 50 best ranking in 2016.

Stéphane de Bourgies

Named Best Chef of Pastry in the World in 2016, its name resonates internationally. Pierre Hermé is one of the biggest French confectioners and chocolates. It is known for its spaghetti, the inevitable Isfahan biscuit – macaroon with rose, rose petals, raspberries and limes, Mogador or the leaves of 2000. The man from Alsace fell into it when he was young: four generations of baker-confectioners they were succeeded before in his family. He trained in Lenôtre and then spent together with Alain Passard, Fauchon and Ladurée, created in 1997 with Charles Znaty Pierre Hermé Paris. Today, the team has dozens of shops and boutiques in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

The worst excerpt from the candidates

"I chose the apple for his name more than his taste, since I do not know his taste". Charles, who does not like the fruits.

"That's right, would you buy it?" Charles asks Julia Vignali for his possible cooking. "I would buy it live, or I would stop a table …"

"Oh yes, it's very sticky." Valerian for his candy.

"Finally, I did something beautiful, good and respect for the fundamental elements." Ludovic.

"What anxious this Neutrino? Go, you go back to the oven." Ludovic.

"I see you hope for his fall, but you will not have the fall of my carousel." Valerian to the amateur just before he discovered that his work collapsed in the refrigerator.

"I thought it was a matter of centimeters, but obviously it was not enough to make the difference." Charles, hilarious, with Ludovic at the end of the second test.

"I want to close the loop once and for all." Charles.

"What was your favorite attraction?" Valerian asked others. "I was the big wheel," Lutovic says, "this is what we see from a distance." "You like when you see from afar," Charles smiled.

"Hot, hot, I'm very hot off the road." Ludovic, from time to time.

"I want to see Pierre Herme's eyes sparkle and try to make him want to climb to my octopus." Charles.

The views of the jury that kill

"We want to show, we are in the final." Cyril Lignac.

"A rose pie to go back to a love apple? Come away, Charles." Cyril Lignac.

"It seems like we cut our hands with glass." Cyril Lignac, facing Charles's love pie.

"It's not out of the question, what's going on in you, maybe it's going to snow." Cyril Lignac, in front of the love apples Ludovic, who has accumulated off-subjects throughout the season.

"It's not unusual to do that," Cyril Lignac smiled at Valerian, "Cookies such as those with cigarette paste, striped, printed like that, are …" "… it was in the 1980s," concludes Mercotte.

"There is nothing modern but forgotten." Cyril Lignac.

"I feel like I'm on a US beach: there's a lot of sand and not a lot of people." Mercotte, for Charles's octopus-churros festival.

The funniest tweets

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