Monday , March 20 2023

"We must always get faster!": A BPost official denounces "a race on profitability" (video)


BPost employees are striking last night last night. They complain of unsustainable working conditions. An employee of the company trusts in RTL INFO 19h. He who has been working for 18 years describes a deep rhythm.

What we will call Lou has decided to deposit a hidden face and a modified voice. According to her, most employees are afraid to lose their jobs if they talk.

"Whether in distribution or collection, we must always speed up the pace. We must always get faster. For example, in the collection, agents need to speed up so that they are timely with their customers. if there is speed, of course, it is the agent who has to pay "Lu explains. According to her, staff must also face an increasing workload. He complains that a "race on profitability becomes unbearable".

"With GeoRoute, a tour almost doubled in size, so imagine how much weight it is before the postal transmits everything from the mail to the mail." From the famous Georoute, we had much longer tours, so a surplus We have more kilometers to do "he explains.

"It's hell!"

Before adding: "We have at the same time to deliver a pack of clothes, which will take us two seconds and it will not be too heavy just to deliver a microwave or a bicycle".

When workers are unable to provide their day, they will not be replaced, according to the respondent. "There are services where the officer is ill for X or Y. And at that time, it's his colleagues who are touching his tour and who's going to do it in addition." It's often the case. are always given to the postman because there are problems on this side.You must always be on the lookout of his salary.It is hell "Lu says.

Depression, illness, abandonment … According to the employees, the company goes a long way in the struggle for profitability.

The strike at Bpost has already begun

Therefore, strikes were created at bpost sorting centers across the country on Tuesday at 22:00. The action, as a trade union front, will last for 24 hours and will be followed by other moves within the postal company.

For their part, the unions and the bpost administration will continue the negotiations on Thursday. The administration hopes to reach a final agreement "within the next few days" so that the service can be resumed normally. "We understand that there is concern within the company and we want to pay attention, but the impact of the strike is important for our customers and our citizens"said CEO Koen Van Gerven. "It is therefore necessary to continue the negotiations to achieve a good agreement for all partners, an agreement that is positive for our employees and our customers."

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