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Atlético-PR triggers history with Vasco in São Januário until the end of the fast – Football


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    The 2001 team received 4 at 0 in Rio. already the 2004 team, with Washington (photo), lost 1 to 0

    The 2001 team received 4 at 0 in Rio. already the 2004 team, with Washington (photo), lost 1 to 0

Never, at any time, it Sports-PR left Sao Gianyar with victory. Only the A-Series team that has not yet won away from home, the hurricane will have a history taboo to overturn Vasco, on Wednesday (14) at 7:30 pm, at the opponent's home. Except for the challenge from home to this Brasileirao, the athlete will try to do what no big club team has achieved, not even against the worst Basque groups.

Neither the Brazilian team of champions in 2001 managed to break the script. That year, the Kleberson team, Alex Mineiro and Adriano Gabiru took 4-0 to Colina, with goals from Juninho Paulista, Fabiano Eller and Euller twice. Vasco will end at tenth. Three years later, Washington, Denik Marks and Fernando arrived in Sao Gianiaro and defeated by defender Henrique. Santos passed the sport in the classification and finished the champion. Basak was the 16th.

"Vasco, even in the situation in which he is, struggling to stay in the first category, is still strong in São Januário, pressure is strong, the crowd encourages, but I think Atletico is living a very good time and I think there is great chance that Atletico will break this taboo this year. It is more time to win the title and we will lose the title and it will be the same now, it is more powerful, I see the conditions in this round to break this taboo, commented the Washington Firefighter, now the Federation Akos Deputy PDT (RS), to take place in Parliament as deputy of the future Minister of Domestic Policy, Onyx Lorenzoni.

Other teams that gave good performance succumbed to São Januário. The Libertadores finalists in 2005, with Ferreira, Lima and Aloísio, lost 2-1 goals from Morais and Anderson Costa in Vasco – Lima. Third placed in 2013 and vice president of the Brazilian Cup, with 5 to 1 Vasco in the last round of Joinville, the hurricane was only 0-0 in San Januario, against the team that would be relegated for the second time in Basque history.

The other two Vasco teams that went down in history did not also lose the opponent at home. In 2008 the draw ended with Madson, after Atlético turned to 2-1 with Julio do Santos and Pedro Oldoni – Valmir made 1-0 for Cariocas. The hurricane ended at 13. Already in 2015, Vasco's fall year, his 2-0 win was at Maracanã. Only in 2017 won the Athletic opponent for the first time in Rio de Janeiro, 1 to 0, but the fight was at Volta Redonda.

"The team plays very far from home, it is a little more calm in times of pressure to be able to come out with victory," said coach Tiago Nunes in the material of the club's official channel. "Vasco is not in such a good phase, but on the other hand, that same year, we have gone through this unpleasant situation," said midfielder Raphael Veiga, "in these games they end up mobilizing in a way that ends up complicated for any I think their team will come with everything and we do not have to sit back, go there and do another good game. "


Reason: 34th round of Brasileirão
Date / Time: 14/11/2018, at 7:30 pm (from Brasilia)
Location: São Januário Stadium, Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Arbitrator: Leandro Pedro Vuaden (RS)
Assistants: Marcelo Carvalho Van Gasse (RS) and Jorge Eduardo Bernardi (RS)

Fernando Miguel; Luiz Gustavo, Leandro Castan, Henriquez and Ramon. Willian Maranhão, Andrey, Thiago Galhardo, Raul (Fabrício or Rildo) and Marrony. Andrés Rios. Coach: Alberto Valentim.

Santos; Jonathan (Diego Ferreira), Thiago Heleno, Léo Pereira and Renan Lodi. Wellington, Bruno Guimarães (Lucho González) and Raphael Veiga. Nikão, Pablo and Marcelo Cirino (Ron). Technique: Tiago Nunes.

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