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Brazilian rigidity, Allan, Neymar and the five Brazilian x Uruguay courses


With the aim of shirt 10, the Brazilian team defeated the celestial and set the second victory that followed in classic South America

The Brazilian national team entered the stadium on Friday night to face Uruguay for the first round of the Brazilian double round tour this November. The pair of matches will also close the Brazilian team. In a cut-off match, Neymar, from the penalty shootout, gave the triumph to Canarinho, who reached the fifth victory following the World Cup of Russia.

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Neymar Brazil Uruguay Friendly 16112018

It was not a bright night for Neymar, but Seleção's shirt took responsibility, tried, tried and tried to get good moves. Leaving from left to right, the player's original position, the balls were reversed, dribbled, and sought to serve the teammates. However, he won a gift from Danilo who was sentenced and, of course, the official collector went there to score the 60th with the Amarelinha shirt.

At the end of the game he threw even a beautiful ball to Richarlison who reached the goal but the attacker ended up finishing. Now, Neymar follows Zico's glue, 66 goals, Ronaldo, 67 and Pele, 95.


Alang Sandro Brazil training 12112018

Of all those who were called only, Allan had not been closely watched by Tite. With the rush of Renato Augusto, who came directly from China and therefore faced a tiring day, the Napoli midfielder managed 35 minutes against Uruguay, enough to leave Seleção's coach with the fleece behind his ear.

The hosts were added to the gossip 70 minutes after a header, after a shot from the right side. At the press conference, Tite also spoke to praise the player's performance.



Alisson, who was briefed to work for a while, was demanded more from Uruguay, but the Brazilian keeper rightly took the position of the team owner and interrupted Cavani, who had two great opportunities to move the networks. Suarez also had a good chance to free kick, but the Brazilian archer seemed to prevent the Uruguayans from shaking their nets.


Richarlison Brazil Argentina Superclassic of America friendly 16102018

After he actually saw the call fall into his arms after being called to replace his friend Pedro, he was cut off from Seleção, Richarlison took the opportunity. Whether on the pitch or out, the striker, who lives in Everton's long shirt, was used in all the games after the World Cup with coach Tite.

In front of Uruguay, this Friday (16), he returned to activation and helped improve the team. And despite the loss of a goal, after a good push of the Neymar ball, Tite broke the player's praise at the press conference. If he retains the footprint, it is very likely that Richarlison will be able to seal the spot for Copa America very soon.

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Brazil Uruguay Friendly 16112018

Since the end of the World Cup, the Brazilian team has played five matches, including two South American classics against Argentina and Uruguay, and the balance has been extremely positive. In this start of the new round, Canarinho scored five wins and will try against Cameroon to close the undefeated final stretch of the season. In the five World Cup matches Seleção Brasileira did not score and scored 11.

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