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Fla makes 123 years of choice and is divided between pink and purple campaigns Flemish


The traditional celebration of Flamengo's anniversary had the tone of the 8 December elections in Gaza. In a hot and hot campaign, candidates for the succession of Bandeira Ricardo Lomba, with the support of the president, and Rodolfo Landim, the main opposition candidate, arrived early for the opening ceremony at 7 o'clock in the club paddle .

With the high investment in the campaign, Landim recorded images and besieged many members and supporters – many outside of Rio, who arrived at the embassy meeting. The other party will be the next Saturday 17, with the participation of current deputy of Bandeira and Landim supporter, Mauricio Gomes de Mattos.

Lomba participated at the beginning of the ceremony, which had a thanksgiving speech to Bandeira employees – called on the head of security Pinheiro to raise the flag of the club – and went to play football in the Gávea area as part of the scholarship schedule among the members .

Flag speaks about Flamengo's 123rd anniversary - Photo: Raphael Zarko / GloboEsporte.comFlag speaks about Flamengo's 123rd anniversary - Photo: Raphael Zarko /

Flag speaks about Flamengo's 123rd anniversary – Photo: Raphael Zarko /

Without pairs from the current board, Bandeira took photos of some rowing fans and athletes and went to the mass at 8:30 am. in the Gávea chapel, next to Boca Maldita. Another contender, Jose Carlos Peruña, fought and distributed the shirts.

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The Lomba pomegranate and the Landim purple, which prevailed among the members of the club, set the tone for the choice of climate at Gávea's headquarters, with dozens of candidates scattered around the site. Landim's Partisans celebrated the result of phone searches that Landim put in front of Ricardo Lomba.

In the afternoon, at 17:00, Flamengo faces Santo in Maracana. There are already over 40 thousand tickets sold.

The election is scheduled for 8 December. In addition to Lomba, Landim and Peruano, he also supports Marcelo Vargas, chairman of the White Plaque.

    - Photo: Divulgação    - Photo: Divulgação

– Photo: Divulgação

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