Tuesday , May 30 2023

Gremio's strength, Atletico-MG victory in BH and glue in G4-Lance


Grêmio's 1-0 victory at Belo Horizonte at Atlético-MG showed a tough job at the Minas Gerais team. That the model of the gaucho team is very good.

The team led by Renato Portaluppi has rapidly accelerated the defeat of Libertadores River Plate.

Grêmio has pointed out that the better team is a far better player. The cock also tried. Matheus Galdezani and Terans, who played in the middle of the game, changed the initial lineup, but it was not enough to tie at least with the gauchos.

The defeat can cost a lot, as this is the fifth game without a win and the odds of the Libertadores races reach every turn.

In the next round, Atletico-MG will hold Palmeiras, the leader of the championship, on Independence Day on 17 November, 17 November. The Tricolor Gaúcho Vasco Arena is on November 11 at 5 pm.


referee: Wagner to Nascimento Magalhães (RJ)
assistants: Rodrigo Figueiredo Henrique Correa and Carlos Henrique Alves de Lima Filho (both from RJ)
Target: Pedro Geromel, 2 & 1ºT (0-1)
Yellow cards: Emerson, Leonardo Silva, Elias, Matheus Galdezani (ATL), Matheus Henrique,
Red Cards: It was not
Audience and income: were not made public

Athletic-MG: Victor; Emerson, Léo Silva, Iago Maidana and Fábio Santos; Adilson, Elias, Matheus Galdezani (Denílson, 12 & # 32; 2ºT), David Terans (Cazares, 25 & # 39 ;, 2ºT); Chará and Ricardo Oliveira (Leandrinho, 25 & # 39; 2ºT). Coach: Levir Culpi

Gremio: Paulo Victor; Leonardo, Geromel, Paulo Miranda and Cortez; Michel, Matheus Henrique, Ramiro (Alisson, 15th, 2ºT), Jean Pierre and Everton (Pepê, 25 & # 39; 2ºT); Jael (Thonny Anderson, 37 & # 39 ;, 2ºT). Coach: Renato Portaluppi

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