Monday , May 29 2023

Ibovespa has a 1.25% increase from Petrobras and JBS


São Paulo – O Ibovespa closed on Wednesday, 14, on holiday holiday in Brazil, after changing points sometimes during the day, speeds up profits at the end of the meeting with the high of Petrobras It is expected to vote for the onward mission and the leap of nearly 16 JBS after a quarterly result above expectations.

Brazilian stock market index, Ibovespa rose 1.25% to 85,973.06 points, after rising to 84,267.01 units at the worst moment of the session. The financial volume amounted to 19.6 billion euros, at a meeting also marked by the maturity of the Ibovespa option contracts.

The financial volume amounted to 15.49 billion euros, at a meeting also marked by the maturity of the Ibovespa option contracts.

Despite the upward trend, analyst Régis Chinchila of Terra Investimentos sees Ibovespa still under pressure to expel foreigners from risk spots around the world, seeking assets that are considered safer, such as US Treasuries and the US dollar, interest rates and global slowdown, among other factors.

B3 figures show a net outflow of € 1,275 billion from the external capital of the Bovespa sector in November to 12 o'clock. The remainder of the year is negative at € 7.18 billion.

Along with this scenario, Chinchila adds that uncertainties about major issues in the transition from government, such as social welfare reform and tax issues in general, have generated market noise, which also follows the composition of the first of the group of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro. "The transition group continues to show some noise in political negotiations and needs a safe and reliable interaction with the financial market," he says.

Investors reverted to the six-month rebalancing of the MSCI Global Standard, which included, in the case of Brazilian paper, the entry of B2W Digital e-commerce and EDP Energias do Brasil and Odontoprev.


PETROBRAS PN increased by 3,55%, favored by the Senate signaling that the bill on the onerous concession agreement, which would allow a large auction of oil surpluses in the area before salt, can be voted on in the House next week.

JBS increased by 15.74% at 11.40 last year, closing at the highest closing price since March 2017, before the corruption scandal created by the company's executive delimitation. The jump at this meeting came after the largest meat processor in the world, which highlighted the expectations for the third quarter, including the fall in leverage.

SUZANO on the second day of the recovery, after falling by more than 20% in October and dropping 10.7% in the first seven November trading. However, during the year, the reserve continued to grow by 110%, supported mainly by the favorable expectations for the merger with rival Fibria, announced in March this year.

BRMALLS increased by 6.05% amid the impact of the third quarter balance sheet, which showed adjusted net income of 123.4 million reis, up 12% from the previous year, driven by a better financial result and lower costs with presets. The manager of the shopping mall also expects a consistent result in the fourth quarter of the year.

Sky lost 5.21% to 9.83 last year, low session and lower closing price since October 2012 as market participants are still concerned about the impact of tight competition on the results of the country's largest payment company. BTG Pactual has recently curtailed its estimate of earnings from 2019 and 2020 to about 2.5 billion reis in both periods. In the year, the accumulated stock loss about 55 percent.

EDP ​​ENERGIAS DO BRASIL declined by 4.8%, taking the six-month revision of the MSCI Global Standard on the radar, which excluded its electricity bills from its composition.

VALE fell 1.97 percent, weighing Ibovespa due to the high share of the indicator that accompanies its peers in Europe, who also expressed concern about slowing demand from China, the world's largest metal consumer. The roles of the steelworks also retreat, with USIMINAS PNA leading to closing losses with a negative change of 2.76% at the end of the session.

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