Thursday , June 8 2023

Larisa Manoella comments on the possibility of migration to Globo


The talented Marina Ruy Barbosa is not willing to take the heat home. Regarding the modification of her second consecutive protagonist in Globo, the actor made a bite with their haters on social networks.

Marina Ruy Barbosa used Twitter to talk with her fans late Tuesday but had to use part of her time to face the criticism from some of her followers.

One of the younger went so far to say that Marina is "overvalued". The redhead did not hear quietly: "I'm glad your opinion does not change anything Hahahahaha." Another came to replace the actor: "they must learn to receive criticism, amore." "From my own knowledge I'm not your love," said the actor, backed by some fans.

At the request of Marina Ruy Barbosa, Xandinho Negrão is handed over to Instagram

A little later, Marina Ruy Barbosa made a blast. "In short: the world is full of hatred and people with" power "behind the Internet are sowing hatred, just STOP, behind every screen there is someone who reads and who can really be hurt by what you say!" of Xandinho Negrao.

"Use the social network to do something more useful: To talk badly to people, to make a curse, to reduce, to retreat, it will not make you a better person, nor the other person worse, but it can hurt someone. seriously, if you are a fan of someone, do not ruin someone else to praise another If you do not like this and so and never did anything for you, just be quiet So I see so many people who come to make terrible comments on the profile by destroying x or y … " he stood up.

"Understand that people are not public, they are people, and they are not because they are actors / singers who feel less than you, who are not sad with people who shed hatred and they are falling down.It is not cool.This is not empathy. about everything … when someone ends a relationship, for example, what about people laughing and shouting about what's going on. Or before a job that has not yet started, people start to criticize … that's what they want the evil … is not to do the good! ", he concluded, which still seemed to say he was" with this little laziness of the people ".

Marina has made it clear that stopping the first hours of work has ended. "But anyway … this is … let me go and record that it is until 4am," wrote for the marathon of scenes, Luz, at The Seventh Guardian, the upcoming Globe 21h novel.

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