Friday , September 30 2022

Marcelo Piloto's trafficker accused of killing a woman in Paraguay jail – News


Brazilian trafficker Marcelo Pinheiro Veiga, known as Marcelo Piloto, one of the leaders of the Red Administration, was charged Saturday for killing a woman who visited him in the Paraguayan Asuncion Task Force, where she is detained and is about to be issued in Brazil.

According to the prosecution, the agents continue to analyze how the crime happened. Lawyers were sent to the site to evaluate the woman's body, which would then be transferred to a morgue.

The 18-year-old woman, from General Resquín, in San Pedro, was attacked by Pilot with a kitchen knife at around 2 pm. local time (3 pm in Brasilia), according to the Paraguayan press. He would have stabbed the victim 17 times.

The victim was rescued on stage and transferred to the hospital in the neighborhood of unaccompanied Asuncion, but could not withstand the injuries.

The prosecutor's office opened a new charge against the Pilot for the crime, which should delay the release in Brazil.

The Red Administration member refused yesterday, during a preliminary hearing in a case investigating the production of counterfeit documents and the illegal possession of weapons, which will be handed over to the Brazilian authorities.

The judge and prosecutor tried to apply the so-called "criterion of opportunity" to speed up extradition to the country. The mechanism could be used because the expectation of a punitive penalty in Paraguay does not exceed ten years. For this reason, his arrest "loses criminality" due to the fact that the trafficker committed more serious crimes in another country.

When it questioned the application of the criterion, Brazil's defense argued that in the investigation of falsification of documents custody was not done as it should.

At the end of October, the Paraguay Department of the Interior said he had blocked a plan to try to release the trafficker after a police operation that ended with the death of three alleged Red Rule members and the controlled explosion of an explosive vehicle he allegedly intended affect the prison in which the criminal is in prison.

In Brazil, the Criminal Appeals Tribunal (VEP) of the Rio de Janeiro Court requires Pilot to comply with two sentences for which he was sentenced to 21 years in one case and five years and four months to another.

Pilot was imprisoned in Paraguay from December 2017 when he was arrested in Encarnación after a joint international operation between various agencies.

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