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Meet the audience of Segundo Sol's latest chapter


On Friday night (9), TV Globo presented the final chapter of the Segundo Sol novella. In the audience, the plot, screened from 9.30 pm until 11.15 pm, earned 40 average points in the preview of Ibope. This index was lower than that of the last chapter of his predecessor, The Other Side of Paradise.

Check the ranking on your time:

Globe: 40 – 55% share
Registration: 8
SBT: 7
Zone: 1
RedeTV !: 1

72% of the devices surveyed by Ibope were connected during the program. Previous data from Kantar IBOPE Media, each point representing 70,559 households and 245,702 people in Greater São Paulo.

Hearing from previous novels

The other side of paradise: 46 degrees

The Power of Will: 49 points
The law of love: 37 points
Velho Chico: 34 points
The rule of the game: 41 points
Babylon – 33 points
Empire – 44 points
Family – 35 points
Love in life – 48 points
Avenida Brasil – 52 points
Fina Estampa – 47 points
The silly heart – 47 points
Passion – 52 points
Living life – 47 degrees
Way of the Indians – 55 points
A Favorita – 50 points
Two faces – 47 points

Find out what happened in the last chapter of the plot:

Soon in the first scenes of the last chapter, the public was concerned about the kidnapping of his son Icaro (Chay Suede) and Rosa (Letícia Colin). As a way to get money, Lauretta (Adriana Esteves) and Karola (Deborah Secco) decided to kidnap the little Miguel. Desperate to see her mother to shoot Valentino (Danilo Mesquita), Karola got in front of the boy, and eventually died. Even in prison, the great villain of the booklet continued to lead a luxurious life with the right to various privileges and special treatment in prison.

After being a bad husband for Kelsey Ecard, Agenor (Roberto Bonfim) ended up blind and running the risk of losing his leg because of his diabetes while his ex-wife married Vicente (Jayme Periard). After many ups and downs, Maura (Nanda Costa) ended up with Selma (Carol Fazu) while Ionan (Armando Babaioff) returned to Doralice (Roberta Rodrigues).

In addition to reconciling with his whole family, Roberval (Fabrício Boliveira) regained Cacau (Fabíula Nascimento), abandoning his living abroad, living with him in a fascinating and fascinating sequence.

While Rosa was pregnant again, now from Valentine, Icarus ended up having a happy end with shellfish. Remy (Vladimir Brichta) was responsible for taking care of the Laureta business, which, in turn, also submitted a request for a Member.

In the presence of his beloved wife, Giovanna Antonelli and the whole family, Beto (Emílio Dantas) spoke with an electric trio in the last series of the second sun.

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