Tuesday , January 31 2023

Police are conducting business against rogue theft in Rio – News


The team is investigating the theft of 90 equipment that distributes internet, telephone and TV signals. company losses can reach about $ 5 million

The Civil Police is conducting business against four-way routers

On Monday (5), representatives of the 50th Itaguaí executed 13 arrest warrants against a group of rogue theft managers at Realengo and Vila Vintém, western zone of Rio de Janeiro. According to the Political Police, the loss may amount to $ 5.5 million.

Surveys for the so-called "Router" state that workers and former employees of internet, telephony and television companies would be involved in a plan to sell such equipment. More than 90 routers were stolen by the end of September 2018, with an estimated R $ 60,000 each.

The team has more than 10 people who divide the functions between those who steal the equipment and those who are preparing the routers for commerce, called by the Civil Police with an operational arm and an administrative arm, respectively.

The gang made the routing of the routers out of the sales areas, announcing the equipment up to R $ 25 thousand. Part of the stolen accessories was handed over to other groups with illegal activities in the telecommunications industry, known as "gatonet".

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In a statement, the Civil Police pointed out that the theft had a direct impact on the operation of the service for the users and that other legitimate providers also made purchases with the group.

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