Tuesday , October 4 2022

The 11-month-old baby receives the heart of Elisson's former son Cruiser's son


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The heart of Lucca Guilherme da Silva Rosa, son of Elisson goalkeeper, formerly Cruzeiro, continues to hit another child's chest. An 11-month-old child was given a 6-year-old boy who died last Thursday at the regional public hospital Osvaldo Rezende Franco in Betim after suffering a serious head injury from a domestic accident a week ago. The transplantation took place this Friday at the So Jos do Rioo Hospital of the Child and Maternity (HCM) in So Paulo.

According to Dirio da Regio, baby Miguel Augusto from Jales, 148 kilometers from Rio Preto and hospitalized for 50 days in the hospital. He took intravenous medications to stimulate heartbeat. The child suffered from expanded cardiomyopathy, a disease that caused the development of the organ. The next few days will be decisive so that there is no rejection by the child's body.

For transplantation to succeed, there has been a great deal of work. When the hospital received news that the Elisson family would donate the instruments of Lucca Guilherme, HCS's chief cardiac and vascular cardiovascular surgeon, Ulisses Croti, hastened to perform the procedure. He opened the big holiday with his family in London, Paran, and, on a chartered plane, landed in Belo Horizonte. From the capital of Minas Gerais, the doctor entered the helicopter of the Fire Department and went to the Betim District Hospital.

It was necessary to run against time because the heart, when withdrawn from the body, can not be exposed for more than four hours. Thus, the airline waits for the cardiologist with the turbines at the airport. Upon his return to So Jos do Rio Preto, Miguel Augusto eventually received the donation, underwent surgery and renewed his hopes for the struggle for life. According to HCM, the 72-hour transplantation is critical to assessing how the patient responds to the new organ. The young patient is entered into the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on an isolated bed.

Elisson goalkeeper, on his profile at Instagram, shared the print of the news published by the portal G1 and sent a message of loyalty to his son. "It's a miracle. Yeah, you're already saving lives." The family also authorized the donation of kidneys, liver and onion. In the same social network, the former cruzeirense thanked all the expressions of love and regret for the death of Lucca (read the whole message).

Dear friends, family and companions f. Today I realized even more how much the little angel touched the hearts of all of you. How many were the phrases and the hands of consolation?

I just have to thank you for the great love and compassion because it was the legacy of my little Luccinha, love to the next. He loved both his own and ours. We love him so much that the Holy Spirit touched everyone to accept the will of God. In this glory!

Our little one never belonged to this earth, not to us but to God, who now asked his ass for his ass. Let Lucca bless us because his mission is only here on this plane.

Go to peace, my son. Your light and love will endure forever in our hearts.
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