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The first prisoner heard by Lava's new judge, Jato confirms bribery in his place


Gabriela Hardt replaces Sergio Moro, who has accepted Jair Bolsonaro's Justice Minister

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6 Nov 2018, 15X04

The federal judge Gabriela Hardt, who replaces the 13th federal judge, Sergio Moro, has heard for the first time on Monday an informant in the Atibaia process. Sarth took Moro's position in Lava Jato's work in Curitiba, as the judge accepted the post of Minister of Justice in the future government of Jair Bolsonaro (PSL).

In his testimony, engineer Emyr Diniz Costa Júnior, a man with confidence in the Odebrecht Group's management, confirmed that the contractor had refurbished Atibaia (SP). Lava Jet claims to be a hidden property Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. He said the funds came out of the box of the Structured Operations Sector, the bribery department of the company. Lula always refuses to be the owner of the site.

Emyr Diniz Costa Júnior

Emyr Diniz Costa Junior (Photo / Playback)

Emyr is one of 77 Odebrecht's subsidiaries, which had the largest co-operation agreement with Lava Jato, which was approved in January 2017. It had already admitted that it had been sold with a reputable engineer to carry out the reform of the site and underlined the way in which the project came into operation, with payments made through Lula's former security, Rogério Pimentel, with sums collected from the limb sector. THE the former president will be heard on November 14 – PT was imprisoned on April 7, sentenced to twelve years and a month in the Guarujá (SP) triple.

Emyr analyzed Lava Jato's lawsuit at a presumed meeting with lawyer Roberto Teixeira, compatre of Lula, three months after completing the work of the site, so that the reform was officially formalized. Odebrecht should not appear in the business. "I was given the mandate to find a way to legalize the project so it did not look like Odebrecht did and it was stated that you (Fernando) Bittar had done," the engineer said.

In this lawsuit, Lula is guilty of passive corruption and money laundering, accused of having received more than 1 million reis in tuition fees from Odebrecht, OAS and Schahin for real estate reform – which is registered in the name of two partners and friends of the children of the former president.

Emyr said Odebrecht created a home for the former President's warden, completed four suites, reformed the swimming pool leakage, ran a sauna and fencing on the football field in the area. A the extension of the lake and the construction of a tennis court would continue to be performed later.

The engineer reported receiving money from the Structured Business Department and handed in a file to employee Frederico Barbosa who sent the security to Lula, who even went to the suppliers of building materials to pay. "In closed envelopes for Frederick to deliver to Sir Aurelio."

The engineer said the project should hide Odebrecht in the projects, which must be handed over quickly so that the former president can use the site as soon as he leaves the presidency – Lula was president until December 2010,

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